Blackview P6000 Review – A Very Beautiful Smartphone

by Linus 0

Blackview has made quite a few phones lately and the P6000 is a device that has great specs, huge battery and much more that is packed into a beautiful metal and glass body. We have used the Blackview P6000 for quite some time and here the full Blackview P6000 review.



The phone ships with all the usual items and there are quite a few extras included. You get a screen protector, a pair of earphones, 3.5mm headset adapter, a mini holder, USB OTG cable and last but not least, a soft TPU case.


I’ve reviewed a lot of Blackview phones and this may be the best-looking one. We have a very well-made device that uses metal chassis and curved glass on the back and on the front. I really like this blue color as it looks nice and the fingerprints are not that visible.

Since the phone sports a huge battery, you can feel that the device is a bit heavier but it preserves a relatively thin profile, which is quite impressive considering the size of a power bank.

That battery performs really well. I was able to use the phone for a couple of days and that translated to about 17h of screen-on time, which is a ridiculously good result. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge the battery with the supplied fast charger.

I also found buttons to be in the right place and overall, it’s comfortable to hold the phone in the hand.

The display is really good both for indoor and outdoor use.

The dual-camera setup is one of the highlights of the phone and it is accompanied by a dual LED flash.

We also have an 8MP selfie shooter, which sits next to the LED notification light.

The home button works as a back key and you can also assign other features to it. The fingerprint scanner is accurate but, however, the display could light up faster. There is also a face unlock feature that works quite well but I still think that the fingerprint is a faster way to unlock the phone. There is no headset jack but the quality of sound via the supplied adapter is decent. The loudspeaker is placed on the back and the quality of sound is just about average as it lacks depth and punchiness.


If you consider the price of the phone, the Blackview P6000 ships with very good specs.

Gaming performance is very good. I was able to play my favorite 3D titles without any issues like lag or stutter and the phone does not overheat. It gets a little warm on the upper portion though but I’m not worried about that.



The overall image quality is pretty good even if you take pictures on a cloudy day like I did. There is plenty of detail thanks to the 21MP shooter. Obviously, there are some issues with the dynamic range but I’m happy with the results since this is a budget phone after all.

The portrait shots are also surprisingly good in comparison to most of the budget Chinese phones I’ve recently tested.

The night image quality, however, does not impress as there is a lot of noise and grain.

On a positive note, selfies taken with the 8MP camera look pretty good.

1080p video quality is kind of average. There could be more detail but a good thing is that continuous auto-focus features work fine.

1080p selfie video quality could be better. Sound recording quality does not impress either.

Download full resolution camera samples


The phone runs Android 7.1 but we have the Blackview’s skin built on top of it, which changes the looks in quite a few ways and adds a few extra features. For example, you can change the colors of LED notification light, customize the navigation bar in a variety of ways or use gesture controls that work well. Some animations one this phone could be faster but in general, I found this device to be pretty fast and responsive on the daily basis.


In terms of connectivity, I have no complaints. all quality and signal reception are really good, Wifi and Bluetooth work fine.

There are quite a few sensors, including a gyroscope, meaning that the phone is compatible with VR headsets and 360 content. Finally, the phone supports USB OTG, so you can connect external devices.


Blackview P6000 is a beautiful-looking phone that has powerful internals, great overall performance, and a fantastic battery life. Also, you can take decent daylight pictures with the phone’s dual camera setup. However, you should know that there is no headset jack, the camera performs poorly in low light and the loudspeaker quality is average.

At the end of the day, the Blackview P6000 still offers a lot of value for the price but as always, please consider all the pros and cons before making the purchase.