Save Up To 30% On Select Flashlights On Banggood [Coupon Code]

by Vinay Patel 0

A flashlight is an essential piece of everyday carry gear for a lot of people, especially for those who love camping or travel to places without electricity. Banggood is currently offering heavy discount on this useful tool so let’s check out the details.

As part of its ‘Hello 2018 Flashlight Promotion,’ Banggood is giving up to 30% off on a few selected flashlights. On top of that, you can also use the coupon code, ‘FLSTNE’ at the time of checking out to get additional discounts.


You can purchase Astrolux MF02 XHP35 HI LED flashlight and use the ‘FLSTNE’ coupon code to save $25.19 on its original selling price of $125.95. This brings your grand total down to just $100.76.

Similarly, Banggood is offering a 35% discount on Astrolux K1 XP-G3+365nm Mini LED keychain. This drags its real selling price of $26.05 down to only $15.99. You can choose from multicolor, stone, black, blue, and silver color options.


The section of the Banggood promo features a myriad of Fitorch-made flashlights that you can buy without burning a hole in your pocket. Here’s how.

You can buy the Fitorch P26R XHP70.2 portable LED flashlight, which carries a price tag of $103.69 for only $82.95 simply by applying the coupon code ‘FLSTNE’ at the time of checking out. Aside from that, you earn 103 Banggood points.

The same coupon code can be used to get discounts on the selling price of a few other flashlights featured in this category.


Nitecore is one of the biggest manufacturers of LED illumination and electronic tools. The Guangdong-based firm has also been on top of the hierarchy in flashlight markets.

Banggood is offering you an opportunity to get your hands on a few selected Nitecore-made flashlights at a discounted price. Let’s take a gander at the details.

First off, we have the T Series Tube LED Light Keychain, which bears a price tag of $9.90. But you can bring its original asking price down to just $7.92 by applying coupon code ‘FLSTNE’ at the time of checking out.

Likewise, you can use the aforesaid coupon code to bring the $54.95 original price of Nitecore HC30 XM-L2 U2 headlamp flashlight down to only $43.96 and save $10.99 at the time of checking out.


Shenzhen-based Klarus offers a broad selection of innovative flashlights and you can now buy some of the company’s best flashlights at a discounted price on Banggood.

Lining with this, Banggood is offering a 16% discount on the original $113.46 selling price of Klarus XT12GT XHP35 HI D4 1600LM LED flashlight. This brings its original price down to just $94.95.You can use coupon code ‘FLSTNE’ at the time of checking out to get an additional $18.99 discount. This makes your grand total drop down to just $75.96.

The above-mentioned coupon code can also be used to reduce the original $99.95 asking price of Klarus Titanium H1A XP-L V6 550Lumens LED headlamp with two side lights. After applying the coupon code, your grand total decreases to only $79.96.


JETBeam was founded back in 2004 to manufacture LED lighting tools. The Shenzhen-based company is also known for making some top-notch flashlights.

You can now get JETBeam-branded flashlight without spending a lot of money on Banggood. Here’s how.

The Jetbeam E40R SST-40 N4 BC 1150LM Rechargeable EDC LED Flashlight 18650/CR123A carries a price tag of $64.00 on Banggood, but you can apply the coupon code ‘FLSTNE’ while checking out and save $12.80.

The coupon code can be applied to a slew of other flashlights manufactured by JETBeam before Banggood’s promo ends.


You can choose from various IMALENT-branded flashlights in this segment of Banggood’s newest promo. Buyers can also use coupon code ‘FLSTNE’ at the time of checking out and save a considerable amount of money.

For instance, IMALENT DX80 8x XHP70.2 32000LM Super-Bright Outdoor Searching LED flashlight is currently up for grabs for 379.95 on Banggood. You can use the aforesaid coupon code and save $75.99.

By using coupon code ‘FLSTNE,’ you can get up to 30% discount on selected flashlights. You can head straight to this link before this promo comes to an end and take advantage of the coupon code before it expires.