Essential PH-1 Ocean Depths Color Variant launching February 15

by Habeeb Onawole 0

When the Essential PH-1 was unveiled, it was announced in four color variants – Black Moon, Pure White, Ocean Depths, and Stellar Gray. Surprisingly, only the Black Moon variant was available for purchase for the first two months before it was joined by the Pure White variant in October. Four months later, Essential will launch the third color variant – Ocean Depths (green).

Essential PH-1 Ocean Depths

Essential didn’t explicitly announce that we are getting a new color variant but take a look at the tweet below and tell me that’s not what it is. Not only is the image the same color but the text also hints at the new color variant. Wave = Ocean!

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Personally, the Ocean Depth Essential PH-1 is easily the most beautiful of all. It has copper accents around the titanium frame, fingerprint scanner, and even the connectors for the accessories. Other than that, the specs are the same as the other two variants. It should also retain the $499 price tag when it launches.

Do you think the new color variant will help Essential sell more units?