Microsoft Patents New Surface Pen With Built-in LEDs

by Habeeb Onawole 0

In the last few years, Microsoft has positioned itself as the go-to manufacturer for premium Windows devices. Its Windows devices are released under the Surface line headed by Panos Panay. Last week, a new patent for the Surface Pen was published which points at the stylus getting some cool new features.

The patent which was filed back in February 2017 shows the pen with built-in LEDs. The LEDs can be positioned at the upper part of the pen, near the tip, or in the middle.

Microsoft Surface Pen with built-in LED

The position of the LED will determine how it works. For the one positioned near the tip, it can be configured to light up in a color that currently matches the one in use. This is helpful for creatives as they don’t have to confirm the color in use by looking at the color palette.

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When used elsewhere, the LED can serve as a sort of notification light for messages, emails, and updates. It can also be used to notify the user about the battery level of the pen.

What other uses can you think of for the LEDs? We do want to read what you think.

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