First Meizu 15 Camera Samples Are Here & They Are Pretty Good!

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Meizu announced the Meizu 15, 15 Plus and M15 models on Sunday and they feature powerful specs and an impressive design. However one of the most important features of any smartphone is its camera and in this article, we are going to focus on its rear dual cameras. We have the Meizu 15 with us right now and its already going through our review process. You can check out our hands on with the device here.

Meizu 15 hands on (2)

The Meizu 15 comes with a 12MP IMX380 1.55um primary sensor along with a 20MP IMX350 secondary sensor for 3x lossless zoom. Other features of the camera include 4-axis OIS, multi-frame synthesis tech for better low-light shots, scene recognition, and panorama mode. The front camera is a 20MP sensor with portrait mode.

We spent a few hours with the Meizu 15’s camera and so far, it has managed to impress us. The saturation levels are good and hence the colors pop out well, daylight pictures have good clarity and details, and the camera app manages to focus on the objects pretty quickly.

Meizu 15 Camera Samples 12

Low light photos are also good. The multi-frame synthesis technology kicks in as soon as the lighting conditions become dull and the resulting images are bright, with good saturation levels. We did find a bit of noise when the light was really low, for example, in the image above, it was nearly midnight and the only light available was via the lanterns (it was cloudy with no moonlight) that were lit up. Still, the colors and the overall photo came out quite decent. It does look a bit unclear, but that’s probably because we were still in Wuzen and were in a bit of a hurry to get a few quick samples. But things are much clearer when you take your time and shoot an image patiently, like in the image down below.

Meizu 15 Camera Samples (25)
Night Photography from Meizu 15

The Meizu 15’s camera managed to capture this image above pretty well. You might have seen the same scene from other cameras, so you’d know what I’m talking about here. For example, this same view taken at night from the Mi Mix 2S is down below. The Mi Mix 2S is definitely brighter, which is clearly visible from the lit up parking lot, but the Meizu 15 seems to be slightly sharper. The time at which the two pictures were taken are a bit different, but it should give a fair idea about their low light shooting capabilities.

xiaomi mi mix 2s cam sample (16)
Night Photography from Mi Mix 2S

One interesting thing about the Meizu 15’s camera app is that at extremely low light images, the flash pops up even when you have turned it off. For example, in the below image of the book shelf, we had switched off the lights in the room, which means it was pitch dark. Considering the lack of light, Meizu 15’s camera turned on the flash to ensure that we got some details. The resulting image looks pretty good.

Meizu 15 Camera Samples (26)
Flash turned on automatically in extremely low light situations


Unfortunately, it wasn’t sunny in Wuzen, China when we took the phone out for samples. That’s why you won’t find any brightly lit samples or even ones where we can check out the phone’s dynamic range prowess. But we do have the phone with us right now, which means a thorough camera review is underway. Meanwhile, you can check out the rest of the samples from the Meizu 15’s camera down below.


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Let us know your thoughts about the phone’s camera in the comments section below.