Xiaomi Mi 6X vs 360 N7 AnTuTu Scores: Same SoC But The N7 Performed Better

by Jed John 0

360 Mobiles unveiled the 360 N7 in China on May 8 with the device packing a specs lineup that gives the Xiaomi Mi 6X a run for its money. The device features at its heart a Snapdragon 660 chipset despite being a low midrange model in terms of pricing just like the Mi 6X. As if the device is tailored specifically to take on the Mi 6X, the AnTuTu score of both models have now been released and it comes with a bit of a surprise. Xiaomi Mi 6X vs 360 N7 AnTuTu score

The Mi 6X is shown to have scored 131,512 points on AnTuTu while the 360 N7 polled a much higher 142,431 score. Both scores are within the range of the AnTuTu score of Snapdragon 660-powered model but obviously, the 360 N7 performs better than the Mi 6X with a difference of over 10k. There are factors that could result in the Mi 6X’s lower AnTuTu score. One of such factors is that the Mi 6X could have had a number of apps installed considering it may have been put to use for a while now since it was launched.Xiaomi Mi 6X

From experience, AnTuTu scores usually drop after some apps have been installed on the smartphone but that shouldn’t be up to a 10K. Another thing, the clock frequency of the processors onboard both models could be different. The SD 660 SoC on the N7 may be running at a higher clock speed since its CPU score is considerably higher at 66,079 to 57,139 for the Mi 6X.360 N7

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In terms of other specifications, both smartphones sport a 5.99-inch 2160×1080 full-view display. The 360 N7 comes in 6GB RAM + 64GB/128GB storage versions while the Mi 6X also includes a 4GB + 64GB storage variant as its base version.


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