Lenovo’s VP Hints The Z5 Will Offer 30 Minutes Of Talk Time At 0% Battery, Shares More Camera Samples

by Jed John 0

Lenovo‘s VP Chang Cheng has been the source of most of the details we know about the company’s upcoming flagship, talking about the Lenovo Z5. Just recently, the VP disclosed that the Z5 will come with a battery that will offer 45 days of standby time. As a follow up to that, Mr Cheng has again hinted that the Z5’s battery can withstand up to 30minutes of talk time even when the battery is at 0%. Lenovo Z5

The battery capacity of the device is yet to be made known but the awesome power management may not be due to the battery alone. The device may likely come with several optimizations that would ensure optimum performance with low power consumption. With the device teased as coming with 4TB storage, we expect the best in terms of the software optimization. Besides, the device is expected to pack the power-efficient Snapdragon 845 processor.Lenovo Z5

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Ina related post, the Lenovo VP has shared a couple of more camera samples shot using the dual AI camera-packing Lenovo Z5. The VP hinted the pictures were shot in the United States. As for the quality, the pictures come with vivid clarity aided by the bright daylight. It captures the beautiful scenery with greater depth and attention to details. The camera filters the light properly and the photos are devoid of any form of photographic noise. The samples sure point to a device with powerful cameras. We still don’t know the camera configuration.

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