Xiaomi Reveals It Has Sold Over 1 million Units Of The Mijia Rice Cookers

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Chinese tech giant Xiaomi is mostly known for its smartphones which offer impressive hardware at amazing price points. But keen followers of the brand will attest to the fact that Xiaomi manufactures a whole lot more than just smartphones. The company also has a crowdfunding platform where lots of gadgets are released by companies which form Xiaomi’s ecosystem. One of such products is the Mijia IH Rice cooker which was released in 2016. Xiaomi is today celebrating the sales of over 1 million units of the IH Rice cooker. The company also disclosed that the smart rice cooker has been put to use nearly 40 million times.Xiaomi Mijia IH Rice cooker

The Xiaomi MIJIA IH Rice Cooker is the first product released under the MIJIA ecosystem brand in March 2016 with an initial price tag of 999 yuan. Since then, Xiaomi has released two more versions, a 3L version priced at 399 yuan and more recently, a 4L version priced at 599 yuan. The product proved to be a popular one such that it is even sold in Japan. Mind you, the Rice cooker is similar to the ones built by Japanese firm Muji.

Xiaomi Mijia IH Rice cooker
Xiaomi Mijia IH Rice cooker spotted in a store shelf in Japan

The Mijia IH rice cooker comes in a minimalistic all-white body with a simple, yet appealing design.  It is manufactured using food-grade PP material which is safe and can withstand high temperatures. The Rice cooker has won several awards as a result of its design, including the German IF Design Award, the IDEA Innovation Design Award in the United States, the DFA Asia’s Most Influential Design Award, and the China Red Star Award.Xiaomi Mijia IH Rice cooker

The cooker users an interactive LED display panel which displays a variety of information when in use. The product is also a smart one as it can be connected to the Mijia app and controlled via a smartphone.  The most prominent feature of the cooker is the use of IH electromagnetic heating which is through electromagnetic induction. This produces a strong heating power and excellent thermal conductivity as well as heat transfer via convection which ensures the food is cooked in the shortest possible time and all parts are evenly cooked. With an inner lining 3mm thick, the Mi IH Rice cooker also retains heat. The interior is coated with Japan Daikin edible non-stick coating so you don’t have to bother about the pot getting stained. Xiaomi Mijia IH Rice cooker

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It should be noted that this sales figure seems to cover the units sold in China alone. The product is also a hot-selling on e-commerce platforms like Banggood and Gearbest where it is available at a premium price when compared to what it is sold for in China.

(source)Xiaomi Mijia IH Rice cooker