HMD Global Working On Nokia A1 Plus Flagship: To Have OLED Display, SD845 & In-Screen Fingerprint Scanner

by Habeeb Onawole 0

An exclusive leak by has revealed that HMD Global is working on a flagship phone currently known as Nokia A1 Plus. The phone will reportedly come with all the features you’d expect in a 2018 flagship.

Nokia A1 Plus

The Nokia A1 Plus goes by multiple names in the document. It is also referred to as the A1P, AOP, and even A1 Plus Euro. It will be manufactured by FIH Mobile (Foxconn) and will be powered by the Snapdragon 845 mobile platform. The Nokia A1 Plus will add to the short list of phones with an in-display fingerprint scanner. Current in-display sensors work with only OLED display and this means it will also have an OLED display. This will be supplied by LG Display according to the docs.

There is no specific detail about the camera specifications but the documents say it has a “high risk camera”. We practically have no idea what that means but we’ll pretend they mean high-end camera.

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The Nokia A1 Plus has been in development since February and was scheduled for a mid-year release. Due to production challenges, it will now launch in the second half. HMD Global is targeting the device at the European market first, so there is a chance they might announce it at IFA Berlin or at the least, a private launch in a major European city.