Interesting Renders of Microsoft Surface Phone in Laptop and Gaming Modes Emerge

by Jed John 0

Microsoft recently put to rest rumours of its foldable Surface Phone with the recent disclosure that the much-anticipated phone is in the works. The device could even make an appearance earlier than Samsung’s own foldable phone as the U.S company is expected to go official with it later this year. The long-awaited phone was discovered to be codenamed Andromeda while it was revealed that the flexible display will be supplied by LG.Microsoft Surface Phone

Now, the renders of the device are the latest to feature online via Twitter. The design is created by David Beyer who had earlier shared a video of the render back in December last year. The design is said to be based on the mountain of rumours concerning the device. It is interesting how he could come up with the design considering that the Surface phone rumours have been in existence since 2015 or earlier. But then sifting the latest rumours, information from patents awarded to Microsoft, and patent applications filed by the software giant provided the best possible details of the device to the designer. The phone may likely not look like this but engineering samples produced by Microsoft are said to perfectly resemble Breyer’s renders.Microsoft Surface Pro

The new renders show the Surface Phone in two different modes -laptop mode and a gaming mode. In the modes, the device shows two different user interfaces, while the top screen shows the display the bottom shows the virtual QWERTY keyboard and in gaming mode, a virtual Xbox controls setup is displayed on the bottom screen. There could also be several other modes.Microsoft Surface Pro

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The design looks awesome and the software also looks promising. Users actually look forward to something like this with a continuous foldable display. This is different from the ZTE Axon M which seems to just have two screens working separately. The Surface Phone is expected to be a foldable device running on a version of Windows 10 which would be called “Andromeda OS”. A set of code discovered in a recent Windows 10 SDK made reference to Andromeda OS. The code shows that the foldable Surface Pro will be powered by an ARM-based processor. There are also rumours of a Snapdragon 845 processor onboard.