HMD Global Product Manager confirms Nokia X5 will be available outside China

by Habeeb Onawole 0

The very first time we heard of the Nokia X5 was via 3D renders designed by OnLeaks and TigerMobiles. However, it wasn’t known as the Nokia X5 then but as the Nokia 5.1 Plus.

Nokia X5/Nokia 5.1 plus

Now that it has launched in China as the Nokia X5, the question is “will it launch outside China and when?”. For the first part of the question, we have official confirmation that the Nokia X5 will launch in other markets.

A few days ago, Juho Sarvikas who is the product manager at HMD Global, took to Twitter to announce the launch of the Nokia X5. A follower then requested the phone be made available outside of China and Mr. Sarvikas response, though amusing indirectly confirms it would be. Below is the conversation.

Nokia X5 5.1 Plus

For those who don’t understand the response, he is referring to a poll he created back when the Nokia X6 was announced to know if it should be launched globally. The result of the poll was a resounding yes. But this time, he thinks a poll isn’t necessary.

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When will the Nokia X5 be available in other markets? No one knows. The Nokia X6 was unveiled in May and its global variant, the Nokia 6.1 Plus just launched in its first market outside China a few days ago. That is a difference of two months. However, HMD Global may decide to launch the Nokia 5.1 Plus earlier but there is no guarantee.

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