BlackBerry BBE100 will arrive as the BlackBerry KEY² LE

by Habeeb Onawole 0

It has been nearly two months since TCL announced the BlackBerry KEY². However, a new info from last week revealed that there may be a second BlackBerry phone with a physical QWERTY keyboard launching this year too.

According to Evan Blass, there is a device which goes by the codename BlackBerry Luna and has the same form factor has the BlackBerry KEY². He posted a picture of the rear of the device and it does look like the KEY². It even has dual rear cameras too.

In his tweet, he mentioned the device is also known as the “KEY² Lite” but apparently, that isn’t the official name. Another popular leaker, Roland Quandt has found the name of the device along with some key info that provides more details.

In a tweet he posted yesterday, he mentioned that an upcoming phone with model number BBE100 will be called BlackBerry KEY² LE according to info from the FCC. He also adds a picture as proof. The image shows the device’s name, model number which is actually BBE100-5, and product number (PRD-65005-700).

If you have been following the news about upcoming BlackBerry devices, you should recognize that model number. As a matter of fact, a device with a similar model number was seen on Geekbench before the KEY² launched. The model number of that device is BBE100-2 and it comes with a Snapdragon 660 processor like the KEY². However, instead of 6GB of RAM, it has 4GB of RAM.

Blackberry BBE100-2 (BlackBerry KEY² LE) Geekbench
Blackberry BBE100-2 (BlackBerry KEY² LE) Geekbench

Both the BBE100-5 seen at the FCC and the BBE100-2 that appeared on Geekbench months ago are just different market models of the same device. The KEY², for example, has model number BBF100 but the variants sold in Europe has the model number BBF100-1, while the one sold in North America and Latin America has model number BBF100-2 and so on.

In conclusion, the BlackBerry KEY² LE will come with the same processor as the BlackBerry KEY² and not a less powerful chipset. However, it will come with less RAM. Storage is unknown but there is a high chance it will have a 64GB ROM and not 32GB. Other specs should be the same too.

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The smaller RAM will mean a lesser price tag. So if you have put off purchasing the KEY² because of its high price tag, then you may want to give the KEY² LE a chance.