Vivo Nex Opens Beer Bottles With its pop up camera!

by Jed John 0

Vivo NEX was launched a couple of months back and it did a good job in redefining the concept of bezel-less smartphones. The phone came with a very high screen to body ratio which is as a result of its much-reduced bezels on all four sides. Reducing the side bezels have been more or less a regular on most models but the top and bottom bezels have often been retained to a sizeable amount. However, in order to expand the screen ratio, the Vivo NEX took the lead in adopting a pop-up camera design. Co-traveller OPPO is the second OEM to utilize a similar design on the Find X.

Vivo NEX lifting lens open beer bottle cap: flexible and free from pressure

This arrangement made it possible for the device to have ultra-thin bezels at the top edge without having to create a notch. The Vivo NEX pop-up camera operates mechanically and as a result of the tendency of the moving part to get damaged, the company carried out a demonstration to assure fans that the camera can’t be damaged easily.

vivo nex

However, a video has emerged online which shows the NEX popup front camera being used to open a beer crown cock. In the video, the tester popped up the front camera of the mobile phone and opened several bottles of beer in a row. Despite the physical strain involved, the Vivo NEX camera remained intact and unaffected. Previously, the NEX’s pop-up camera has been used to open a can of drink without any hassle.

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Vivo’s official data touts the NEX’s front camera of being able to pop open and close for up to 50,000 times without any failure. That is a lofty claim but only time will tell if the technology will be a durable one. The camera housing is made from stainless steel which can withstand a strong pulling and torsion force. The pop-up lens automatically retracts if it meets external force on its way up. It also takes just about 1 seconds to pop up completely. The front lens is sold for just 165 yuan which is not too expensive.


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