Buy Alfawise A12 2000 Lumens Smart Projector For Just $115.99 On GearBest

by Vinay Patel 0

If you’ve restlessly been looking for a low-priced, high Lumens projector, look no further. Equipped with a bright 2000 Lumens bulb, the Alfawise A12 is a cost-effective projector that you can now buy at an even lower price on GearBest.

The Alfawise A12 2000 Lumens Android 6.0 smart projector is currently up for grabs at a discounted price of just $115.99 on GearBest. This is a considerable 5% reduction in the device’s modest original asking price.

Despite its affordable price tag, the A12 is nothing short of exceptional. Aside from being compatible with a broad range of gaming consoles like PS4 and XBox 360, it also supports 3D Effect. In fact, it is better than the red and blue 3D effect.

The A12 delivers greater three-dimensional visual impact so that users can become deeply engaged in every living scene. Moreover, its LED lighting can emit 1800 luminous efficiency, supporting a maximum 1080P resolution with 2000:1 contrast ratio.
Presenting a watching size from 34 inches to 130 inches with 1 – 4M projection distance, the Alfawise A12 is an ideal projector for home entertainment. Furthermore, it delivers 1080P high resolution.

The company prescribes a projection distance of about 2M as far as viewing distance is concerned. It’s energy saving lamps offer 20000 hours of long service life. The Alfawise A12 has built-in HiFi speakers and two infrared receivers.

You can check more details about the Alfawise A12 2000 Lumens Android 6.0 Smart Projector and avail the discount by heading straight to this link. With just 45 pieces left for the Flash Sale price, the promo is slated to end in 4 days.

Get 5% Off On Alfawise A12 2000 Lumens Smart Projector

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