Get 10% Off On All New Arrivals And Other Big Discounts On GeekBuying

by Vinay Patel 0


As part of its recently kicked-off promotion, GeekBuying is offering noteworthy discounts on a broad range of newly arrived products and other unmissable deals. Let’s check out the details without further ado.

Dubbed as the ‘EU Warehouse Sale,’ the promo features a 10% discount on all new products. Moreover, consumers who spend $100 will be eligible for receiving an $8 discount. But that’s not all. The Chinese online store is also giving duty-free shipping within 24 hours.

The promo has been split into different sections – Poland Stock, Spain Stock, Germany Stock and Italy Stock. More importantly, each item included in the aforesaid categories carry big discounts, which will be valid for a limited period of time.

While the Poland Stock category has further been divided into two sub-categories including one with 10% discount and the other with $8 off on every $100 spent, the Spain Stock section comprises 6% off and a $4 off every $80 spent sub-categories.

Likewise, the Germany Stock section features 7% off and $15 off on every $200 spent sub-categories. The Italy Stock segment, on the other hand, has been grouped into two categories including 8% off and $3.5 off on every $66 spent. Note that all discounts will be available in the form of specific coupon codes.
For the sake of an instance, you can buy the VORKE V2 Plus Mini PC at a reduced price of $459.99 under the Poland Stock category. Aside from getting an 18% discount on the device’s original asking price of $560.40, you can apply coupon code PLSTOCK1 to save an extra $46 and reduce your grand total to just $413.99.

You can follow this link in order to check out the rest of the products and avail the discounts before the promotion comes to an end. It is worth noting that the coupon codes are likely to expire soon as well.

Check Out EU Warehouse Sale On GeekBuying