Huawei’s 20W wireless charger leaks, may launch alongside Mate 20

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Huawei may launch the fastest wireless charger on the planet alongside the Mate 20 this year. An image showing the base of a Huawei wireless charger has surfaced online and it shows a few details of the charger, key being the maximum power output.

The image which was posted on Weibo shows the Huawei wireless charger has model number LZ80 with Qi wireless charging support. However, the most important info is the charging output which is a whopping 20W. That is much higher than that of the newly announced Samsung Wireless Charger Duo which has a maximum charging output of 7.5W.

Huawei 20W wireless charger

Currently, there are a bunch of third-party wireless chargers with support for 15W maximum output but even if you buy any of these chargers you have to have a phone that can charge at 15W. There is no confirmed phone that charges above 10W wirelessly. Samsung‘s Galaxy S9 duo charge at 9W, higher than the iPhone X which charges wirelessly at 7.5W. UMI says its Z2 Pro supports 15W fast wireless charging but no one has confirmed it.

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While Huawei’s upcoming charger will definitely be the fastest charger when it launches, it remains to be seen if the Mate 20 will be able to charge at 20W wirelessly. Even if it doesn’t charge at 20W but charges at 15W, it will be the second phone to be able to do so assuming UMI‘s claims are true.