Photos of the Meizu M816Q seen at TENAA

by Habeeb Onawole 0

The Meizu M816Q is an upcoming device from Meizu rumored to be the upcoming Meizu X8 but it appears it is a different device. Images of the phone have been spotted on TENAA and after taking a look at them, we discovered they do not match the description of the Meizu X8.

There are rumors the Meizu X8 will have a notch. It is expected to be Meizu’s first phone sporting the mobile industry’s new trend. However, the Meizu M816Q doesn’t have a notch.

The original TENAA images are much darker so we had to brighten the photos. As you can see, the phone doesn’t have a notch but it does have thin bezels and the overall design (of the front) is similar to that of the Meizu 16th.

While one may say it is the Meizu 16X based on the similar design, it isn’t since Meizu’s CEO has confirmed that the 16X will come with the same cameras as the Meizu 16th. This device has a single rear camera unlike the Meizu 16 which has dual rear cameras.

All of the above are just physical differences. The main reason why this isn’t the Meizu 8X or 16X boils down to the model number. We did some digging here and found a pattern in the model numbers of Meizu phones.

The first figure after the alphabet is usually the same for that year. So all Meizu phones released in 2017 have model numbers M7xxX and those released in 2018 have model numbers M8xxX.

Our focus shifts to the next two digits. Meizu phones with the last two digits between 10 and 30 are low-end phones, those with model numbers between 50 and 79 are mid-range phones (Meizu 15 Lite = Meizu M871Q) while those with figures between 80 and above are high-end phones (Meizu 15 = Meizu M881M).

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Seeing as this device, the M816Q, has its last two figures between 10 and 20, proves that it is a low-end device. Slashleaks says it is the Meizu M8 Lite. It will have better specs than the Meizu M8c released this year as it has a fingerprint scanner. Nevertheless, we should know the full specs of the phone in a few days.

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