Realme 2 Specs Rumor Roundup: Everything you need to know (Live Stream Link)

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Asian companies love splitting up their big brands into sub-brands. Xiaomi has the popular Redmi lineup, Huawei has the Honor lineup, Meizu has the Blue Charm lineup and now OPPO has its own Realme sub-brand. The past few years has proved us that sub-brands really help a company focus on a specific area of the market and grow at a much better rate than the big brand. We know how Honor has grown on to rival even Huawei phones and how Redmi’s Note series has taken over nearly all of Asia. So, it kind of makes sense why OPPO would jump on this trend and release a sub-brand of its own. The Realme brand is just a few months old and now that its officially split up from the parent company OPPO to run independently, it’s got even more power to take on the lower end segment of the market. Within three months of its release, the Realme brand is getting a new smartphone, the Realme 2.


Realme 2 DESIGN:

The Realme 1 had a basic design up front with a beautiful diamond pattern at the back. That changed with the Realme 2. If, for some reason, you were missing the infamous notch on the first gen. device, then you’ll be happy to know that the Realme 2 embraces the notch completely. In fact, in almost all of the promotional pictures, you’ll see the tagline  “A Notch Above”. While we don’t know whether this phone is really a notch above other smartphones in its segment, what it does confirm is that it has the notch on top of its screen. This should take the aspect ratio closer to 19:9, a change from the 18:9 display on its predecessor.

Oppo Realme 2 Leak

Unlike most companies, the Realme 2 posters were real honest about the phone’s bezels around the display. I like that the company decided to show the thick bezels on the sides as well as the chin in the renders itself to free us from any unwanted surprises when we saw it in reality.

realme 2 (4)

The official posters haven’t given us a look at the back side of the device, but leaked renders reveal the continuation of the diamond pattern back as well as the presence of a fingerprint sensor. Its good to see the fingerprint sensor make it to this phone considering how OPPO decided to skip it from the older model. Also, the new model comes with dual cameras instead of just one, placed horizontally which makes the overall design a lot neater than the iPhone X clones in the market today.


Realme 2 Specs:

The company has confirmed the display, and battery specs so far. So, we know for sure that the Realme 2 will feature a gigantic 4230mAh battery on board which will power its 6.2-inch display with 88.8% STB ratio. The battery is a solid upgrade from the already decent 3410mAh on the Realme 1 model. But we also have some insight into the possible specs of the device through a leaked poster. One of the biggest surprises revealed by the poster was the CPU inside. While Realme confirmed that the phone will feature a Snapdragon chipset, we were looking forward to a mid-ranger from the company. But if this leaked poster is to be believed, the Realme 2 could very well feature the entry-level Snapdragon 450 chipset. If you remember our detailed analysis of the Snapdragon mid-range 600 series, the SD450 is almost as powerful as the SD625. However, its still a big downgrade from the Helio P60 inside the Realme 1. Unless the company plans to price this phone much cheaper than the earlier model, it would be a downgrade at least in terms of performance.

Realme 2 Specs

Funny enough, the Realme twitter account promises spectacular performance from the Realme 2. Thats highly unlikely with a chip like SD450 inside, so we better wait and see what CPU is really in store for us inside the phone.

For storage you have 3/4GB RAM and 32/64GB of ROM. There should be a 13+2MP camera at the back and an 8MP shooter up front. Even with the large battery inside, the thickness of the phone should be limited to 8.2mm. The weight is said to be around 168 grams which is again pretty decent. Other rumored specs include 4G VoLTE, Android 8.1, and three colors, Diamond Red, Diamond Black, and Diamond Blue.

realme 2 (3)

Realme 2 Price, Live Stream, and Release:

Realme is expected to be priced to be priced around Rs. 10,000 ($143) at launch for the base model. This is just an educated guess, so we have to wait until tomorrow to get the real pricing.

The phone is launching tomorrow (AUG 28) at an official event in India at 12.30PM IST as a Flipkart exclusive device. You can watch the Realme 2 live stream directly on Facebook from this link.