Xiaomi’s Half in-ear Type-C headphones arrives, on sale from Sept. 20

by Simran Singh 0

Xiaomi has announced Half in-ear headphones with Type-C at a price of 99 Yuan (~$15), it will be made available for purchase starting tomorrow, Sept 20. Already, Xiaomi Half in-ear headphones are available with 3.5 mm audio jack for 69 Yuan, but due to increase in Type-C compatibility, Xiaomi has announced the Type-C packed headphones.

xiaomi half in ear type c usb

Officially, Xiaomi Type-C Half in-ear headphones will be available at 10am (Beijing Time) tomorrow from the online Mi official store. It is available in two color options such as black and white with ceramic coating giving a glossy texture to the headphones. It will come with 1.5 m tough wire having soft TPE material and weighs 15 grams.

Xiaomi half in-ear Type-C headphone specs and features

The ergonomic Xiaomi Half in-ear Type-C headphones is designed to protect your delicate ear from any kind anomaly and gives you tailored comfort while wearing it. There are three buttons on the remote control of the headphones, allowing you to control volume and stop/start music playback. It is compatible with the phones such as Xiaomi Mi 8 and Mi 8 SE. There’s a Micro-electromechanical microphone allowing you to take calls and record audio with much refined voice processing.

Xiaomi Type-C earphones carries multiple layers along with a coil unit producing s smooth and high-definition sound quality through two-way vibration. The different frequency bands are divided into divisions, so that every song you are familiar with regains new sound. It also carries Hi-Res Audio certification from japan Audio Association which certifies that it produce high quality sound.


The Xiaomi Type-C earphones is compatible with all the smart devices which support Type-C audio interface.



So, users who want to own it for their USB  Type-C supported device, can head over to the Mi.com tomorrow at 10am for 99 Yuan (~$15).

How many of you are already using the Xiaomi Half in-ear headphones ? Share your experience with them via comments below.