Latest OnePlus Switch App will let you move launcher, wallpapers, & more to your new phone

by Habeeb Onawole 0

A number of manufacturers have dedicated apps for moving your files, apps, messages, call logs etc. from your old phone to the new one. This year, OnePlus joined the train with the OnePlus Switch app.

When the OnePlus Switch app was first released, it didn’t support the transfer of app data but a future update brought the much-needed feature. Now a new version of the app has been released and it brings more features to make moving from your old device to a OnePlus phone much easier.

OnePlus switch app

The new app bumps the version number to 2.1 but for some reason, the version on the Play Store is still 2.0. However, sites like apkmirror have the latest version which you can side-load onto your device.

The changelog says the new version now supports migration of launcher, wallpapers, and desktop layout. So instead of a fresh homescreen with the usual default apps, your new phone can retain the same app layout and wallpaper as your old phone. The folks at XDA-Developers said the migration seems to work only if you are using the OnePlus launcher on the old phone.

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Other features mentioned in the changelog include support for manual connection to mobile hotspots, support backup application data, and an increase in supported Android models.

The OnePlus Switch app is available on the Play Store but you should confirm it is the latest version before installing.