OnePlus gets sued by Bragi in Europe for the use of ‘Dash’ trademark

by Simran Singh 0

Amid of the OnePlus 6T announcement, OnePlus is being sued by a German-based technology company for using the word ‘Dash’ in Europe. Bragi, the German company has already trademarked ‘Dash’ in Europe and claims that OnePlus is intentionally violating its trademark. They have accused the OnePlus of using the ‘Dash’ word purposefully for both its fast ‘Dash charging’ and ‘Dash Charger’ products.

oneplus 6 dash charge

Bragi is now working to file a lawsuit against the Chinese smartphone maker, OnePlus in the US also. It has pointed out that OnePlus’s desire to register a trademark ‘Dash Charger’ in the US and Europe, has led to filing the lawsuit against the OnePlus. Bragi uses the Dash branding for its wireless earphone in Europe.

As per reports from the past, it seems OnePlus is also working to change the name of its existing ‘Dash charging’ to ‘Warp charge’. Even at the launch of OnePlus 6, they did not refer to the name Dash charging in some countries while talking about the fast charging features of the device.  Currently, there are no more details available regarding the lawsuit, but it is expected that OnePlus is going to lose the case.

OnePlus is not available for the comment yet, but we hope in the next few hours we will receive an official response from OnePlus too.

OnePlus 6T Specs

Meanwhile, OnePlus 6T is coming our way on October 17th with some high-end specs. It will carry Snapdragon 845 coupled Adreno 630 GPU and X20 LTE modem. There will be rear dual cameras instead of triple cameras as expected. The major changes than OnePlus 6 might come with are the waterdrop display, on-screen fingerprint and an absence of the 3.5 mm headphone jack. Further it will come in different variants such as 6 GB+ 64 GB, 8 GB + 128 GB and 8 GB + 128 GB internal storage.

What do you guys think? OnePlus will win against all the odds in Europe?