Huawei tackles Apple and Samsung in a cheeky tweet, says it would “never” slow down phones

by Jed John 0

The top three highest-ranking smartphone brands in terms of market share are Samsung, Apple and Huawei in that order. That isn’t likely to change anytime soon instead, all three are trying very hard to outwit the competition. Thus, it is not surprising that the three companies often troll each other. We have seen Huawei troll Apple recently by sharing power banks to fans queuing to buy the latest iPhone Xs in Singapore. The gesture was accompanied with a cheeky note – “You’ll need it”. This is apparently in reference to the poor battery life of iPhones. During the Mate 20 series launch, Huawei also trolled Apple in its Mate 20 Pro presentation by displaying an image of a Mate 20 Pro charging an iPhone XS Max through the new reverse wireless charging feature.

Huawei has again thrown another shot, this time at both rivals Samsung and Apple. Both smartphone giants were fined a combined fee of $17.06 million (€15 million) by the Italian Competition Authority. The fine was as a result of an investigation which revealed that both companies forced updates on users which slowed down older hardware. This makes the owners most likely upgrade to a newer smartphone. Apple had faced a similar controversy late last year where it was revealed that it slows down phones with old batteries to prevent an unexpected shutdown. As at then, Samsung denied doing anything of such. However, the Italian Competition Authority found out otherwise and slammed a fine on both tech giants.

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Huawei isn’t letting this golden opportunity to demarket its rivals go by. The company took to Twitter to share a tweet on the Huawei UK Twitter account promoting the latest Mate 20 Pro.  The company claims it will never slow down its phones or force an upgrade. It also claims the Mate 20 Pro won’t slow down just like other phones in its range of smartphones. The tweet also comes with the hashtags #BornFastStaysFast and #NeverSlowDown. Huawei has had its own fair share of controversy, the latest being the “BenchmarkGate” where it was discovered Huawei phones detect benchmark apps by name and speed up performance for better scores. So, they could as well have a good laugh while it lasts.


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