OnePlus 6T durability test shows the in-display fingerprint reader isn’t affected by scratches

by Jed John 0

The latest OnePlus 6T flagship was only unveiled yesterday but the durability test by JerryRigEverything is already out. OnePlus took an innovative approach this time by inviting Zack Jerry to the launch event in New York where the device was disassembled before a live audience. That explains OnePlus’ approach of promoting the 6T as having a good hardware despite its fair pricing. That approach is likely going to continue working in its favour because the durability test shows the OP6T has a durable build.OnePlus 6T

The OnePlus 6T comes with a Corning Gorilla Glas 6 protection on top of the display which only sees minor scratch at a level 6 and deeper ones at level 7 of the Mohs’ scale. The device features an in-display fingerprint scanner embedded under the screen and scratch is supposed to affect the scanner, or so we thought. However, that isn’t the case as the in-display fingerprint reader still works fine despite having scratches on the glass surface.

The device comes with a metal back in Midnight Black with a frosted back finish and a glassy Mirror Black. The Midnight Black is the variant that went under the knife. The metal back still shows some level of durability even though you can just slap a protective casing on for more protection as harder metal will leave permanent scratches.

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The device was also subjected to the heat test and then the bend test and interestingly, Zack seems to go easy on the device as the OP6T was still standing in our usable piece after the entire exercise. You can watch the video from below.

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