Meizu announces battery replacement plan for its phones

by Habeeb Onawole 0

Meizu has announced a battery replacement plan for its phones. The plan which costs ¥88 (~$13) will allow you to get your phone’s battery replaced with an original lithium-ion one.

Meizu Battery Replacement Plan

Depending on the option you choose or available, you can take your phone to an authorized service repair center where the battery will be replaced or even have Meizu send someone to your home to replace it for you.

Meizu says the battery replacement plan is eligible for those who already have an existing protection plan, those whose warranty has expired, or those who just want their battery replaced even without having a warranty or protection plan in the first place.

Meizu has released a list of the devices that are eligible for the battery replacement plan. There are a lot but it doesn’t include all its products.

  • Meizu 6T
  • Meizu E3
  • Meizu M6s
  • Meizu M6
  • Meizu M6 Note
  • Meizu Pro7 Plus
  • Meizu Pro7 (Standard and High Edition)
  • Meizu A5
  • Meizu E2
  • Meizu M5s
  • Meizu MX6
  • Meizu Pro 6 Plus
  • Meizu Charm Blue  X
  • Meizu M5
  • Meizu U10
  • Meizu U20
  • Meizu M3 Max
  • Meizu M3s
  • Meizu Note
  • Meizu M2 Note
  • Meizu M1 Metal
  • Meizu MX4 Pro
  • Meizu MX5

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Meizu said the reason for creating the battery plan is because of those who are frequent users of FlymeOS’ multiple performance modes. From Meizu’s explanation, this drains the battery quickly and requires owners to have to recharge their battery multiple times, hence a rapid depletion of the battery’s charge cycles.

Even if you don’t fall into the above category, the fact that there is a battery replacement plan means you can hold on to your phone for longer before getting a new one.