Vivo sold the most number of smartphones in China in Q3 2018, followed closely by OPPO

by Simran Singh 0

It’s October, and it’s time for financial reports for the Q3 2018. Already, Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, and Huawei has published their reports. Today, it is time to analyze all the results and brief on the overall sales from all OEMs via counterpoint’s new reasearch report. As per the data published by the research analysis firm, Vivo has sold most number of smartphones in China in Q3 2018. Well, it sounds good for Vivo as it has managed to rake up most of the sale in the last quarter.

q3 2018 china smartphone sales

Vivo has registered a Year-on-year growth of 2% and sold 21.6 million units with a market share of 19.9%. Further, Oppo has stood to 2nd place with a massive plunge in the YoY growth of -11%. Despite all the sudden fall, it still managed to sell 21.4 million smartphones with the market share of 19.7%. There are many other OEMs which have registered a good number of sales in teh last quarter.

Especially, Huawei and its subsidiary, Honor, both have managed to register a huge 14% growth in the smartphone sales. Honor increased the sales to 13.3 million units while Huawei ranked on 3rd position with sales of 15.7%. Both the manufacturers, Honor and Huawei hold 12.2% and 14.5% market share respectively.

On the other hand, Xiaomi fell 15% on YoY basis and churned 13.1 million sales with over 12% market share. Similarly, Apple has witnessed a sharp decline of 17% smartphone market in comparison to the last year. The Cupertino giant managed to rake up sales of 8.4 million units with a market share of upto 7.7%.

From there scenario above, it is directly visible that most of the brands have witnessed a colossal slump due to decline in global smartphone shipments. Though, great efforts from Huawei and Honor have allowed them to register a tremendous bump in the sale with respect to the last year.

Vivo has garnered most of the sales,  making to the top with its vast variety of devices and affordable pricing. Its sales have also increased due to its early debut of in-screen fingerprint display devices. Now, it will be awesome to see, how Vivo reflects in the Q4 results in January.

What do you think? Do you have any reasons in mind that have led Vivo to attain top spot in a number of smartphone sales in China?