Two companies and nine people charged for allegedly selling Samsung’s curved display tech

by Simran Singh 0

As per information revealed, it has been surfaced that around nine people from two different companies have been allegedly involved in selling Samsung’s new curved OLED display tech to some third-party vendor. The third-party vendor is reportedly some Chinese company. Samsung’s supplier, TopTec Co LTD’s CEO was among people who are arrested over the matter.

Samsung Foldable Smartphone

In detail, CEO of the Samsung’s supplier company and other eight employees are involved in this whole racket. They have received $13.8 million combines for passing on the details of the private documents of Samsung’s curved-edge OLED display.

In order to make the thing look original and hide it from the agencies, the group formed a shell company. It helped them to receive display panel information from Samsung Display, and later they passed on the same technology to the Chinese company. The allegations on Toptec also include selling of Samsung’s “3D lamination” technology.

As per an estimate, Samsung has employed enormous resources both monetary and human to build this technology. Approximately, they employed 38 engineers and invested $134 million in developing the leaked display panel.

In a statement by Samsung Display,  Bloomberg said in a statement that they are “shocked at the results of the investigation by prosecutors, at a time when competitors are intensifying their technological rivalry.” Even the South Korean government is acting excellently as they believe it to be a national core technology.

Similar matters are of great concern for the tech world, as it can destroy the production environment for inventions and other new technologies. It can prove a major debacle for the company who have gained such technology after the hard work of several years.

It’s not a new thing in the tech world, various times companies have alleged of stealing their technologies. Recently, Uber was accused of stealing trade secrets from the Alphabet’s Waymo.

We hope this time, whoever has committed the crime of stealing the technologies should be put behind bars with a huge penalty. What do you say about the theft and stealing of patents and other new technologies these days? Is it something that government should keep a check? Share your essential thoughts via comments below.