Amazon launches the $29.99 Echo Wall Clock that can pair with the Echo smart speakers

by Jed John 0

Thinking of what you can get for someone this festive holiday? Especially for someone who already owns an Amazon Echo smart speaker? How about considering the Echo Wall Clock priced at $29.99 on Amazon? The wall clock has a digital 60- LCD display which can display one or multiple timers that you’ve set using a paired Echo smart speaker and the analogue clock will show the time of the day. For Instance, when you tell Alexa to set a timer for 35 minutes, you’ll be able to watch the movement of the timer on the clock with the display of each passing minute becoming brighter.Amazon Echo Wall Clock

The clock will adjust automatically when Daylight Saving Time rolls around and also the Echo Wall Clock set the time automatically by syncing with the Echo speaker. Furthermore setting up the clock is as simple as just saying “Alexa, set up my Echo Wall Clock.” The Echo wall clock will work with any of the Echo models including the Amazon Echo, Echo Show, Echo Spot, Echo Dot, Echo Plus, or Echo Input smart speaker. The Wall Clock has a white bezel and is 10-inches in diameter. It utilises four AA batteries which are needed to power the timepiece and includes all of the hardware you need to mount it. There is also a Bluetooth pairing button for pairing the gadget to the Echo speaker.Amazon Echo Wall Clock

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Unfortunately, the Echo Wall Clock won’t be in stock until December 24 but you can place an order on Amazon now and have it delivered when it is in stock. That might be too close to Christmas but you can always tell your family members, friends, loved ones, business associate or substantial other that their gift is on the way.

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