HTC to focus on high-end phones to take on iPhones next year

by Habeeb Onawole 0

This year, HTC released only bone flagship phone and that is the HTC U12+. The same phone launched as the HTC Exodus 1, the manufacturer’s first blockchain phone. Next year will be different according to HTC Taiwan’s¬†President.


In an interview with Taiwan’s Economic Daily, HTC Darren Chen said the company will be focusing on high-end smartphones in the first half of 2019. These phones will challenge Apple’s iPhones which have the largest market share in Taiwan.

Mr. Bozhen also said that they plan to release more U12+ models next year in order to extend its lifecycle. he says the flagship which was released back in June is one of the best dual-camera phones and its less powerful sibling, the U12 Life which got a 128GB version last month is also selling fast.

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HTC says the first batch of the Exodus 1 is sold out already and they are developing new strategies for future blockchain phones. So we should probably get an Exodus 2 next year. The company also revealed it is working on developing its Viveport VR app store into something big just like Google’s Play Store but with VR apps VR games for the VR industry.