Matrix PowerWatch 2, a smartwatch that charges via body heat and solar energy, unveiled

by Jed John 0

One major challenge manufacturers haven’t been able to tackle is the use of Lithium-ion battery in gadgets. Until an alternative is discovered, we will have to deal with the challenge of having to charge our smartphone and other gadgets always. Although smartwatches usually present with longer battery life due to the low power consumption capacity but at some point, you’ll still need to keep the smartwatch charged. Well, except that smartwatch is the latest Matrix PowerWatch 2 manufactured by Matrix industries.

The PowerWatch 2 has been unveiled at CES 2019 as a follow-up to last year’s wearable that was powered entirely by the body heat emitted from your wrist. This second-gen model comes with even more features which include an upgrade of the display from a black-and-white screen to a 1.2-inch color display. The new model also supports thermometric charging which is the use of body heat while strapped on the wrist and solar charging. Thus, you’ll never need to charge the smartwatch.

The smartwatch has a bulky 42mm frame made from aluminium while the straps are manufactured from rubber. This gives it a durable outlook. The PowerBall 2 features an LCD display that is configured by default to stay on always but this can be manually turned off. The watch’s bezel houses the solar cell ring which is reputed to be able to store power either from the indoor or outdoor lighting. However, the wearable is specifically targeted at those that are always outdoors, on the move, such that they won’t need to keep it charged to continue tracking their fitness. Matrix PowerWatch 2

Further, the Matrix PowerWatch 2 comes with a scratch resistant screen, water resistance of up to 200 meters. other features include GPS and fitness tracking functions such as heart rate monitoring, pace, and even cadence tracking. The watch also has a compass function. These functions are available on most smartwatches but another standout feature of the PowerWatch 2 is that it conserves its power. When the user removes the watch from his or her wrist, it saves your data and goes into a sleep mode.

The smartwatch is presently available on crowdfunding via Indiegogo for just $199. The final retail price will peak at $499 when the device starts shipping, scheduled for June 2019.