Sony new Party speakers come with beer cup holders and 13 hours battery!

by Jed John 0

Japanese tech giant Sony has unveiled what is perhaps it’s weirdest gadget at!The Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2019). The speaker adopts a rather unusual name as it is dubbed GTK-PG10. Sony has already announced more powerful Bluetooth party speakers but the new model is basically for that impromptu tailgate party, barbecue party or any outdoor event that requires some portability.Sony portable wireless speaker

Sony GTK-PG10 is a portable wireless speaker with a dedicated outdoor party mode. In the dedicated party mode, Sony says the speaker’s DSP (digital signal processor) “automatically adapts audio settings to optimize outdoor performance.” The gadget also comes with a powerful rechargeable battery which can deliver up to 13 hours of playback.Sony

Design wise, the Sony portable wireless speaker comes in a cube shape and has built-in handles. The speaker can also be mounted on a speaker stand if so desired but do note that the top panel can be opened up , turning the tweeters upward in order to spread the sound wider. Also, there four cupholders at the top when it is opened. Sony have put in place a design that would prevent damage in case the liquid spills as the top is splash-proof.Sony gtk-pg10 speaker

The speaker which has a $250 price tag also comes with an FM radio in addition to Bluetooth, USB port and an aux input port. There are also  buttons for Mega Bass and for changing the musical key in cases where the fun shifts to singing karaoke. There is also a microphone input option on the speaker.