Lily is a smart speaker that teaches Chinese language in a non-traditional way

by Jeet 0

If you are finding a way to learn the Chinese language without putting in much efforts to read books, vocabulary lists, flashcards or other paraphernalia, then the Lily smart speaker seems like a product for you.

Lily is a voice-controlled smart speaker that can simply and easily teach Chinese. The company describes the speaker as Alexa for Chinese learning. It claims that the fastest way to learn a language is not simply through reading books or the use of a basic app but to immerse in the language and speak as much possible — which is what the speaker intends to offer.

Lily Speaker

The team behind this smart speaker consists of Chinese language learners and machine learning engineers, who specialize in voice processing. The company says that it has invented an exciting device that can teach Chinese faster than anything on the market.

It teaches the Chinese language through four major modes — interactive conversations, real-time translation, vocabulary voice games, and a Chinese voice assistant. However, Lily’s functionality is not limited to teaching the language but also doubles as a high-quality home speaker.

Lily Speaker

Currently limited to the Chinese language, the company says that it will start offering more languages after Q2 2019, starting with French and Spanish. Those who purchase the device now will get the benefit of the upcoming languages for free just by updating the software.


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Lily — the first smart speaker that teaches Chinese, is currently being crowdfunded on Indigogo. The company had planned to raise $10,000 through the campaign and has already received $958,000 about 9580 percent of its initial goal. If you are interested in purchasing Lily, go the source link.