Skype adds background blur feature during video calls to help hide untidy environment

by Simran Singh 0

Microsoft is continually upgrading Skype to endeavor it with latest features. Recently, in an update, Skype has received the option to blur the background while placing video calls. It will allow users to avoid clearing up the messy room or any environment with blur effect while using the video messenger.

Skype Background Blur

Earlier, it was quite hectic to clear up all the mess before placing the video call. Now a great thanks to the latest Background blur feature which will ease out some load from individuals working from home or a busy cafe. The new feature will automatically apply a blur filter to the background and will show your face as focused.

The feature was already present from the last year on Microsoft Teams Software. Now, Microsoft has extended it to the general public or all Skype users around the globe. Currently, the new feature is limited for the latest version on PC and Laptop. Microsoft has not given any exact date about when the feature will be available on mobile devices.

On the back end, Skype is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to blur the background. It will keep your body in focus, while all other things in the background with be blurred. Although, the efficiency of the feature is yet to be tested.

You guys can update your Skype to get the blur functionality on PC and Laptops. How many of you have already used the Microsoft Skype background Blue feature? Share your experience with us via the comments below.