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Xiaomi’s Supply Problem Could Be Solved Soon, Lei Jun Takes Charge

by Joe 1

Xiaomi makes some of the best value for money smartphones that we have seen in the market lately, but the company has one major drawback, inadequate supply of its products. Many of the new smartphone launches from the company are hard to get even in China, which means most of the desired consumers are left disappointed. But looks like the company is taking appropriate measures to change this.

xiaomi internal letter

In an internal letter sent by Xiaomi’s CEO Lei Jun, he has stated that from now onwards, he will personally be responsible for the phone supply chain of Xiaomi. The existing supply chain head, Zhou Guangping will now take care of the technology research department of the company. Now that the CEO himself is going to take care of the supply of Xiaomi smartphones, it looks like this issue has been given due attention. And this change should positively affect the company. If the supply improves, the sales will improve and everyone is happy end of the day. It was an urgent matter and we hope it will solved real soon.

LeiJun Xiaomi

So, what do you think? If Lei Jun, the CEO himself is in charge of the supply of the company’s smartphones, will we be seeing a significant improvement in the overall availability of Xiaomi products?

In case you are wondering, yesterday, we reported that Xiaomi is manufacturing around 700,000 units of the Mi 5 per month, lower than Huawei Mate 8’s 900,000 and OPPO R9’s 2 million per month figure.

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  • wolvie

    My own personal opinion.

    Most people don’t have enough money to buy flagship smartphone at $400 or more.

    Average smart people also will not buy the cheapest lowest model available as normally it is not durable ,easy to get defunct, etc etc.

    So i think average people will focus the buying on mainstream model that is not too expensive and yet have good spec. Product like Redmi Note 3 pro, Mi Max i think is the best to buy for now. Price that i can consider as average is between $150 – $250