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ZUK Z2 First AnTuTu Benchmarks Revealed

by Joe 8

ZUK Z2 turned out to be a surprisingly good flagship smartphone in the affordable segment. ZUK has competitively priced the handset at just $273 and it offers even better specs than the Xiaomi Mi 5, which costs around $308. Apart from the Snapdragon 820 chip and 4GB of RAM that comes as standard, what’s even more impressive about the device is that it can be overclocked. The regular chip runs at 2.15GHz which is standard among flagship phones, but ZUK has revealed that a setting inside the ZUI 2.0 version will allow users to increase the clock speed up to 2.3GHz, which is really impressive.

zuk z2

Unfortunately, the ZUK Z2 that was showed off to the media in China today didn’t come with the new version of the OS, so overclocking was missing from the device, but the company has said that a future update will bring this feature. In case you are wondering about ZUK Z2’s AnTuTu score, then we have that information as well. It looks like the performance of the handset is at par with other Snapdragon 820 powered flagships in the market. zuk z2 antutu

Without overclocking, the ZUK Z2 managed to score a good 136,436 points on the AnTuTu benchmark. This is pretty good for a SD820 powered device. We are now eager to see the performance increase after overclocking the chip. Hopefully, we will be able to test that once we get the device in our hands.

To recap, the ZUK Z2 comes with 64GB internal storage as standard, 3500mAh battery, 13MP ISOCELL camera sensor with PDAF + Contrast AF, 8MP front facing shooter, dual SIM dual standby and Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow. You can read all about the phone and its features from here.

It would be interesting to compare the new ZUK Z2 vs Xiaomi Mi 5. We will be bringing the comparison soon, so stay tuned!

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  • Luc

    Wooow, I really like the Zuk Z2 but I believe that only a niche of users need powerful processors like the SD820. I don’t understand Lenovo’s strategy here, they already have the Zuk Z2 Pro with the same specifications but a little bigger screen. I would have preferred a Zuk Z2 with either SD652 or SD650. Those CPUs are more than enough for power user. The phone would have been a lot more competitive in terms of pricing. Anyway, hope resellers will not charge a lot of money for international buyers.


      the pro version also comes with more mp camera and f 1.8,i would love to have that lauched in India.

    • sannicks

      Whats wrong with getting the better stuff?

      • manohar basavaraju

        you could get more if you use almost same performance chip which costs even lesser than the Flagship CPU. Thats what he meant. Not everyone needs such a powerful CPU for everyday use !

        • Luc

          Thank you for your comment, that’s exactly what I meant above. I would have preferred the Zuk Z2 with SD652. It would have been cheaper and very competitive. The 4GB version is already advertised at 330$ by resellers (pre-order). I am wondering when the 3/32gb version will be available and at which price. Hopefully it will be sold at 290$.

          • Christian fell

            its because of quick charge 3.0 thats why they went with the 820

          • Ranjith Thiru

            also due to the 14nm chipset to unleash the Battery prowess

  • Bility

    How did they get 3500mAh battery into this small thing but not into the bigger one? I don’t understand it.