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Future MIUI ROMs Will Be Based On Android N Version

by Joe 2

Good news folks! If you had been concerned about MIUI sticking with the old Lollipop and KitKat versions of Android OS, you will be happy to hear that the upcoming versions of the MIUI OS will be based on the latest version of Android, namely Android N.


The company confirmed that they have received the source code of Android N OS and will be soon working on the new MIUI adaptation based on Android N. This is definitely great news for fans as MIUI has often focused on improving the new features in their ROM, instead of upgrading it to the new Android version. As a result, phones like the Redmi Note which got the MIUI 7 update were still stuck on the two-year-old Android 4.4 KitKat version. But this news means that Xiaomi is finally speeding up the process of development of Android N based MIUI ROM. Of course, we have to remember that even after getting the source code, releasing a stable version of ROM can take a lot of time.

miui android N version

This news comes at a time when MIUI 9 will soon start development. Yesterday, the company confirmed the start of the MIUI 9 development, and it’s currently in the process of taking suggestions from users to improve the new version. So, it is possible that when the first beta for MIUI 9 is released after a few months, it’s based on Android N.

Meanwhile, we are waiting for the MIUI 8 Stable ROM to roll out to Xiaomi devices. The company has confirmed that the official release of the stable ROM should be before August 16.



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  • Will be great to see xiaomi switch to Android N, there are some nice touches that will add to the ROM.
    At the moment I am beta testing Miui 8 on the MI 5 and the frequency of OTA updates and bug fixes really show how much the dev team put in to their work.
    Given that fact you have to wonder why more companies are not following this method, could you imagine if for example Elephone had the same degree of support for their phones? They could quickly become a serious player rather than find themselves ridiculed for the quantity rather than quality of phones released with bugs that are not fixed.
    Let’s hope miui 9 is quick in its development and that I can get on the beta test program????

  • Sakib Mahmud

    Amazing news!!
    MIUI will become best Android Forked Rom which is better than even Android itself.