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Xiaomi Redmi Pro Official With 13MP Dual Cameras & Helio X25

by Joe 16

After months of leaks, rumors and teasers, Xiaomi has officially unveiled the Xiaomi Redmi Pro flagship. Like the name suggests, this will be the most powerful Redmi device from the company till date, featuring top-end specs that will rival existing flagship smartphones in the market. The Redmi Pro, like expected, comes with dual cameras at the back, a first for Xiaomi and hopefully something that will continue in upcoming devices.

redmi pro official

Like we saw in the leaked images, the Redmi Pro will come with an all metal body with CNC diamond cut and brushed metal finish with gloss anodizing process. This will ensure that the phone looks like a true flagship, featuring premium and refined design. You get USB Type-C port as well as 3.5mm headphone jack on the device, along with a 5.5-inch display and 2.5D glass up front. The fingerprint sensor is located on the front of the phone, embedded into the home button. As for the measurements, they are as follows: 151.5 x 76 x 8.15mm. Considering the phone features a large 4050mAh battery, this is pretty good.

Now, coming to the most important part i.e. the specs. As we saw in the TENAA listing a couple of hours back, the Xiaomi Redmi Pro will come in three variants. The low-end version runs on the deca-core Helio X20 with 3GB RAM and 32GB of internal storage. Then there are two Helio X25 powered models that come in the following variants: 3GB RAM + 64GB ROM and 4GB RAM + 128GB ROM.

redmi pro oled display

For the first time, Xiaomi has used an OLED panel on the device and the company claims its way better than the traditional LCD panels. The phone is using a 5.5-inch FHD OLED panel. It boasts of 100% NTSC color gamut. The company has also released a couple of images to compare the difference between the two technologies.

Now, moving on to the camera department, the Redmi Pro comes with dual cameras at the back. The primary camera will be a 13MP Sony IMX258 sensor and the secondary sensor will be a 5MP Samsung one. The aperture value ranges from f/.095 to f/5.6. The company claims that the use of dual camera setup helps the phone take real time hardware level bokeh images. The resulting images are said to be comparable to the ones taken from a DSLR camera. The presence of the ImagiQ Pro chip also helps to improve this function. Further, you can reportedly adjust the focus after the image is captured.

redmi pro dual camera specs

Up front, the phone comes with 85-degree wide-angle 5MP sensor.

As for the battery, its large and will easily last you a couple of days. You get a 4050mAh battery inside, like the other Redmi models in the lineup, which will make sure that battery life isn’t going to be an issue on this particular phone. There are other standard connectivity features such as VoLTE, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, 4G+ etc.

The Xiaomi Redmi Pro goes on sale on August 6, both offline and online. The base variant with Helio X20 + 3GB RAM + 32GB storage starts at 1499 Yuan ($224). The Helio X25 model with 3GB + 64GB will retail at 1699 Yuan ($254) while the Helio X25 + 4GB + 128GB model will retail at 1999 Yuan ($300).

The top end model enters the territory of Snapdragon 820 flagships like Mi5 and ZUK Z2! So, we hope that the new Redmi Pro comes with an amazing camera!

What do you think about the new Redmi Pro?

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  • Hakim Farouk

    I’m tempted on the Helio X25 + 4GB + 128GB version..

    • Faisal Shaharyar

      dont get tempted by this its not even comparable to ZUK Z2. this one is comparable to SD 652 on Le2 (it has avg camera)

      • Hakim Farouk

        It’s more comparable to a p9. Kirin 955 performs about the same as the x25. Sd652 is much lower in performance and config. But has a better gpu tho. And only on chipset that its its not comparable to zuk 2.

        • Faisal Shaharyar

          I am not sure where got this but the geekbench multi core score are

          SD 652 – 5200 (LE2, global version)

          Helio X20 – 4903 (LE2 chinise version)

          Kirin 955 – 6071 (P9)

          Helio X25 – 6300 (Meizu Pro 6)

          each of these are in touching distance with a gap ranging from 5-12 %.
          also this does not give a real world scenario of how the chip are going to perform. and you maybe right about the GPU 530 is a beast. but gpu on 652 will be on par or equal to Mali 880 which is used on helio and kirin.

          • Hakim Farouk

            Yeah, it performs about the same as a p9. Some benchmarks on the sd652 vs x25 indicate a significant difference tho. I guess it depends on how optimised that particular phone is. Of course it all comes down to the requirement of the user tho. Like if the user is a multimedia user who downloads a lot of videos. This could be a better option having 128gb and it’s expandable and the bigger oled display. If the user prefers gaming, maybe the sd820 with its stronger gpu would have been a better choice. We’ll just have to wait for the phone to go on sale to see how it really performs in real life.

  • GrKTcB

    The base model X20 3GB/32GB would be more than enough for my needs…

    Now the question begs, when will we see an international version with Google services ready to ship?

    I’ve been tempted by the Note 3 Pro for a little while now but held off to see the Pro!

  • androidbrick

    OLED Screen + Helio X25 + 4GB + 128GB = 300$ is a much much better option then Mi5 for sure !

    • androidMortar

      For inbred hermaphrodite food-stamps-hogging dinlos such as yourselves.

  • Jiraya Ziane

    Is it expensive or just me!!

    • Adam Nazifi

      Its a bit expenisive

    • Jason45

      their strategy is going for the high price route, Xiaomi Mi5s/Mi6 or the new Xiaomi Mi Note price will most likely even been higher than previous years.

  • jirkous

    LTE bands dissapointed again :s

  • Frank Wu

    Again no NFC! what a let down!

  • Weng Zero

    Why not 6gb? I know most of the user wont utilise even 4gb..but as 6gb already around and 8gb on its way, i think for the flagship model 6gb is a need. For me flagship mean superior in hardware like latest proc, fastest and biggest memories and best camera. Two camera or single camera doesnt mater but it must capable of best picture.

  • mudi1

    bound to say but idiots running and ruining xiaomi……from 3rd to 6th(in china)-

    13Mp+5MP(depth sensor) is just idiotic…….. that 5MP sensor wont help in overall picture quality just for shallow depth of field ….
    iMX258 is nothing impressive its good in daylight but struggles heavily in low light coz of small unit cell size 1.12u…. yes big pixel are not necessary in day light but in low light big pixel+OIS is undisputed king.
    in short upcoming Asus zenfone 3 gonna kill this crap just coz of one feature i.e. OIS …. OIS allows 3-5X slower shutter speed means astonishing pictures in low light in addition to that zenfone 3 has IMX298 image sensor which xiaomi uses in flagship mi5.

    ideal configuration for redmi pro-
    1. 12MP IMX377 sensor +OIS………this setup will be far better than then this dual crap.
    i know IMX377 is not easy coz of cost so alternative is OV12890 its 1/2.3 12MP 1.55u big pixel stacked sensor which can shoot 1080p at 240fps plus very good noise to signal ratio.

    some facts –
    huawei does its best in P9 dual camera but still galaxy S7 crushes P9 dual camera without breaking a sweat coz dual camera has biggest drawback which is they cant use OIS …….. and OIS is key of low light photography.
    (i dont believe some famous reviewers coz they used tripod with P9……..who the hell carry tripod with smartphone …. means bribe )

    all sample pictures r taken using tripod no doubt means in reality camera quality will be worse for sure…..

  • Hassan.asghar

    does it have SD card expansion. Its not a “PRO” if it does not have SD card. PLUS dual sim is also wanted as in Redmi Pro 3