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Huawei Mate 9 Offered on Oppomart For $599, Cheaper Than Europe’s $775!

by Jed John 8

Renowned e-commerce outfit Oppomart is offering the Huawei Mate 9 flagship device for a price starting at $559 for the 4GB + 32GB version. Oppomart ships orders to any location globally so this isn’t a China-exclusive offer but one you can catch in on from wherever you are worldwide. What’s surprising is that the Mate 9 was launched in Munich, Germany a couple of weeks back clutching a massive $775 price tag for the same version.

huawei mate 9

The thing is the Mate 9 was again launched earlier this week in China, Huawei’s home country. Even though the specifications with Europe’s Mate 9 were similar, the device came in with a cheaper price tag than the one announced in Europe. You’ll agree it won’t be a bad idea to catch in on this cheap offer from Oppomart while it lasts. That is if you are very much interested in the sleek and well studded Mate 9.

huawei mate 9


There is nothing to worry about as the Huawei Mate 9 on offer comes with Full network support globally, including the 4G LTE global bands. So users will enjoy consistent call quality and a stable Internet connection with reduced power consumption and data usage around the globe. The Huawei Mate 9 as would be recalled, sports a mammoth 5.9-inch display and is powered by the latest Hisilicon Kirin 960 chipset which has been discovered to be way ahead of all the chip models around presently. The device doesn’t disappoint not only in the internals but also in the camera zone, packing a dual camera setup at the rear comprised of a 20MP + 12MP sensors. There is also a large 4,000mAh battery with SuperCharger despite the power efficient Kirin 960. So what you get is a powerful device which exerts less strain on the battery.

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On top of all these, the Mate 9 runs an all new Android Nougat-based EMUI 5.0 with cool interface and attractive features onboard. Just like an old wine, Huawei touts the device as getting better and more efficient with time. Even at that, Oppomart still offers a one year warranty if you buy the Mate 9 and it covers repairs if need be. How about that?


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  • Saku

    Still out of my reach. 😌

  • I need a good deal on the Mate 9 Pro. To me, it’s the best and most well-rounded smartphone on the market right now. Although quite inspired by another brand, the design is really nice, 5.5″ is just about what I can bare concerning size (6″-ish is just too much, currently at 5.2″ with the actual edge to edge Nubia Z9, that’s really nice)… and they do have a version with a black front, I don’t understand these brands that release phones with white or gold fronts only. Oh, and the screen is 2K, might not sound like a biggie, but it is, especially with VR (goggles) becoming more and more a thing.

    You still got your headphone jack, the fingerprint is on the front (seriously, why would you like it on the back?? To me it totally makes sense to have it serve dualpurpose as a homebutton. As button on the side would be cool too). Albeit a high-end phone, it still offers dualsim (you have to get a version with loads of gigs however to make up for the lack of insertable microSD).

    Of course, the cherry on top is the Leica camera set-up with dual-cam, 4-ways hybrid autofocus and dualtone flash, for me that’s one of the biggest reasons to want the Mate 9 Pro. Then there’s a good powerhouse inside, enough memory and then there’s the 4000mAh battery and quick charging which will get you through your day.

    And then they were like ‘oh, we got something pretty sweet now, but we need one more gimmicky awesome thing that will seal the deal’… so we get an IR blaster! Pretty cool. Overall, I can’t really fault the device. There’s still some bezels though (that’s why I’d get the black front one, to hide it), wish it could’ve been a little more like my Nubia Z9, but I think this will be a worthy successor.

    Just got to find the right deal… maybe an AliExpress seller that express ships to EU mainland through the UK.

  • Frank Wu

    No NFC, that’s a bummer as far as I am concerned!

    • I does though, check the specs more thoroughly on the huawei site.

  • dcline

    So, Gizmochina, you are apparently deleting my comment. You don’t think your readers would want to know that they can’t load the Google Play Store on the Chinese version?!?

    • Rob

      That is really annoying, I got the 360 Q5 plus last week with Google services installed except they don’t work! Trying to sort it with seller is proving fruitless, there has to be a way to install them though on these ‘China only’ versions.

      • I believe the 360 isn’t just a China only version. It’s a China only brand/phone.
        So… as such I never looked into getting one.
        However, I do find it silly that you wouldn’t be able to get Google Play running on it… surely, that can’t be the last of that. Should be able to port something, right?

        • Rob

          I’m still trying as I have to say it’s a beautiful phone that I will be mightily disappointed to have to send back. Would probably have to wait till after Xmas for something else to come along. The worst part is it installs fine and says installation successful, it just won’t open! However I do believe your wrong about China only as they are also available in India, as was their last year’s phones. Would be great if the Indian ROM was available somewhere as that would have Google installed.