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Apple’s Co-operation with the Government to Combat iPhone 6 Leaker

Recently, Apple iPhone 6 had information leaked about it which was widely circulated on the Internet and the amount of information leaked may be...
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iPhone 6 dummy device is showing on video

While we are waiting for the upcoming iPhone 6 smartphone, is now we have a video that showing the iPhone 6 dummy phone.
iPhone 6 innolux
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Innolux, LG and Japan Display will manufacturer of the upcoming iPhone 6 screen

There is a report from the Chinese source that the Innolux, LG and Japan Display Corporation to produce the upcoming iPhone 6 screen display.
iPad Air Next gen
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The picture of front panel the next gen iPad Air is exposure

According to foreign media, the Dutch website has been posted the front panle of upcoming Apple iPad Air, the picture showing the new next...
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Roundup: Top 10 New Features Of iPhone 6

Apple’s iPhone 6 has high exposure rate all the time, information from lot of channels make the phone is no secret left. Days before,...
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Apple iPad Pro prototype is leaked with 12,9 inch screen size

According to recent rumor, Apple is canceled to released the iPad Pro tablet device, but now we have a leaked picture of upcoming iPad...
Xiaomi Mi Pad
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Xiaomi Mipad Review: An iPad Mini Knock-off

In our impression, Android tablets were living a life neither too good nor too bad under Apple iPad’s shadow. iPad has been the pronoun...
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The upcoming 5,5-inch iPhone 6 is revealed from protective shell

While for now we only found the news about the 4,7 inch  iPhone, but  how about the larger iPhone?, According to rumor, Apple will...
iPhone 6 features
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Here is the brief infprmation about the next generation iPhone

While we are waiting of iPhone 6 smartphone, we have few information that spread from the rumors. There is many news related to iPhone...
iPhone camera module
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The new Apple iPhone camera will use Mega – Pic not megapixels

In the upcoming iPhone device, Apple does not follow the Megapixel war like most other vendors. The upcoming iPhone will be comes with  super-resolution...