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ipad Air-2-00
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Apple is ready to release iPad Air 2, here is the leaked pciture

Apple is ready to release their new tablet device, Apple ipad Air 2, and now we have a leaked picture of the Apple iPad...
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5.5-inch iPhone 6 LCD screen is exposure, there are mystery picture

Sony Dickson is now release the two picture of upcoming iPhone 6 parts, those picture is showing the 5,5 inch backlight parts for upcoming...
iPhone Xenon Flash-02
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The upcoming iPhone 6 will has Xenon flash light

After we’re feel slousy to Jimmy Lin since he has got the new iPhone 6 device, there is some news which lead to controversy...
iPhone 6-gold-02
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Youtube video revealed the iPhone 6 specs

A video posted on YouTube has revealed the specs of the upcoming iPhone 6 device. According to the video, the iPhone 6 will be...
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Apple Hong Kong confirms that Jimmy Lin has use the real iPhone 6 device

We have covering the news about the Taiwanese artists Jimmy Lin who showing the new Apple iPhone 6 device, but  we writing those news...
iPhonr 6 black-01
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Fomerly Apple employee unveiled the Black 5,5 inch iPhone 6

Two years ago, the one of Apple employee Sony Dickson has been leaked the upcoming iPhone a month before the new iPhone and new...
iPhone 6-gold-01
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The gold iPhone 6 model is exposure

As we all know, the upcoming iPhone 6 will be available in two screen size, the 4,7 inch and 5,5 inch screen size, and...
iPhone 6 innolux
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The new iPhone 6 rumor is rolling out; Design, Configuration and Price

Apple is ready to release their new flagship smartphone, Apple iPhone 6. The new products cycle is always routine to release on fall. According...
iOS 7 security flaws
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iOS 7 lock screen security flaw allows user to bypass in seconds

The new bug is found on the iOS 7 lock screen, the phone has security flaws and the user of iDevice that running iOS...
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Apple Lightning data cable will be able to replace the headphone jack

Apple MFi (Made for iPhone/iPad/iPod) project is ready to launch the new interface for audio jack, the headset manufacturer can replace the standard 3.5mm...