The Window N90 Dual Core tablet released Android 4.1.1 firmware update

by Rosgani 1

The original Window N90 dual core 2 is a well-known as a domestic tablet manufacturers, their  one of original Road’s flagship dual-core tablet PCs touted by the market, by virtue of the high-end dual-core CPU, quad-core GPU, and 9.7-inch IPS display configuration.

A few days ago, the original Window (Yuandao) company of the original Window N90 dual core has got the latest firmware update, the new firmware, code-named N90 dual core 2-4.1.1-20120817-CZ-official is the new official version of the firmware, original Window N90 dual core 2 is also the first models upgrade to Android 4.1.1 operating system

The Android4.1.1 firmware, adds new features and functionality the original Window N90 dual core 2 users can go to the the original Window official website to download the latest upgrade firmware, get the Android Jelly Beans which bring new user experience.

The original Window N90 dual core 2 which upgrade to Android 4.1.1 has new features:
1 New unlock screen
2 Brand new UI experience more fluid
3 Enhanced notification bar
4 Desktop plugin automatically resize
5 Expansion of language and input method
6 Camera animation
7 Google Maps offline mode
8 The built-in Chrome browser
9 Enhanced browser performance

Second, the original Window N90 dual-core 2 which upgrade to Android 4.1.1 after enhanced voice features:
1 Increase Google now private voice assistant
2 Increasing the voice input feature

Third, the original Window N90 dual-core 2 which upgrade to Android 4.1.1 after exclusive new features:
1 the increase in the floating window (Floating Video function – PIP)

Floating window function (Floating Video) on a tablet or mobile phone screen to pop up a new video window, this window can always be on top of any screen interface. You can watch the video side, side view E-mail or browse the Web, and real-time drag, zoom, minimize, as well as play, pause, search operations, without having to switch back and forth in a cumbersome operation.

Main functions:
Online video in the page “picture-in-picture”
Local video “PIP”

Firmware Download: