Acer CloudMobile A800 heading to Chinese Market

by Rosgani 0

Acer CloudMobile A800 first time appear in Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2012, that’s Android phone and will be available on European market in September. But for Chinese market Acer change the OS to Aliyun.

Aliyun is mobile operating systems developed by Alibaba. The company said that why they choose Aliyun as the operating system instead of Android because of its ease of use. Even they say that Aliyun OS easier to use for the beginner smartphone owners.

According to plans, for the first step Acer A800 CloudMobile with Aliyun OS will be launched in China next month. In addition, there is the possibility they will continue the plan in 2013.

Aliyun OS relies on web apps instead of native apps, and Alibaba has its own email and map services as an exclusively application for Aliyun OS. Regarding prices, the mobile phone will be priced at around $ 470 USD.