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Apple fans revenge Samsung Ads

by Rosgani 2

The emergence of Samsung’s latest ads that makes the iPhone 5 as a target, making a handful of Apple fans furious. They reacted by issuing a similar ads, their target is now to Samsung Galaxy S III.

As you know, earlier this week the South Korean vendors showing new ads scheduled to be published in local and national print media in the United States.

In the ad, Samsung showed two photos of the phone, the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III. Then at the bottom, showing the specifications of both. From the screen, connectivity, battery life, up to the voice command feature.

Well, by the Apple fans who carries the mission of revenge, ad distorted. With the new tagline view was changed, where the original says ‘It Does not take a genius’ and changes to ‘do not settle for cheap plastic’, as quoted from the Huffingtont Post.

Some of the words were nothing added. For example, in this version of Apple fans, adding a series of other advantages of the iPhone 5, including a subtle amount of apps in the App Store are 700 thousand applications.

The comparison of both the ads below:

Samsung Ads
Apple fan boys ads
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  • Alexander

    Some call Ferrari and Lamborghini to tell them that the polycarbonate is a cheap plastic. There are many types o polycarbonates and the one used on the S3 covers is not quite cheap (is not the same as on an lamborghini but i hope i made my point). The sad thing is that it looks as a plastic, lets all recognize that iPhone looks glossy and stuff…

  • Roger

    The Apple fan boys have got it wrong, the A6 is a dual core, not quad core processor.