ZTE MF70 2 in 1 wireless modem

by Rosgani 0

Nowadays, most consumer need more data and cpnnect to many devices. For this needs, ZTE try to offer a ZTE USB 2 in 1 MF70 modem.

The ZTE MF70 combines the functions of a 3G modem and also MiFi portable hotspot. In addition to a modem, MF70 can connect up to 10 wireless devices. Capability is claimed to have never owned by another USB modem on the market today.

With the function of MiFi 3G modem and router in one device, you don’t need not carry a lot of equipment and cables. ZTE MF70 also offers this advantages. Because with only one SIM card to connect up to 10 devices. The user have to pay in one billing data packet rather than access the Internet on a variety of devices.

In addition to data access, USB modem also provides file storage and users can share files without having to switch the flash. Enough with inter-connected with the WiFi.

The ZTE MF70 USB modem can be used in the Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Installation is not difficult because it was claimed to be plug and play. ZTE claimed to reach 21.6 Mbps for Internet speed. But when it is used in many devices, the speed will be divided according to the number of connected devices. The proce of this modem is around US$70.