ThL V12, stylish Android smartphone with dual-core chipset

by Rosgani 0

Saat ini pangsa pasar smartphone tengah ramai di pasaran namun Apple dan Samsung telah menempati posisi dominan di pasar saat ini, the profits of the two mobile phone manufacturers and occupied more than 90% of the global smartphone sum of profits, Motorola , HTC , Sony grab market share, the intensity of competition and other world-class brands also spared no effort to its flame, nothing less than a war.

In the field of entry-level smartphone, it is an entirely different story. Thousands of smart phones from domestic market share occupied by domestic brands such as Lenovo and Huawei, which is in recent years, new emerging rookie brand ThL also showed strong growth momentum. Prior to that, we have to bring all the evaluation of of variety ThL phone, and now we have the dual-core version of ThL V12. This is the dual-core version of the new style smartphone.

ThL V12 dual-core version is the upgraded version of the previous generation, the design basically nothing changes, but more powerful performance, the machine uses a classic straight-touch design, simple around the rectangular shape with a rounded body, the overall design in line with the mainstream Android has good aesthetic philosophy.

ThL V12 gives the overall of the petite and slender, with a 4.0-inch large-screen, comfortable for one-handed operation, more suitable for small hands to use. In the hand, although very thin, but gives a real good comfort. The design and is very fine and match exactly, and select the material is relatively hard with great texture.

ThL V12 screen size is 4.0 inches, the most popular IPS wide viewing angle screen, mainstream 480 × 854 pixels resolution, clear, delicate detail, color reproduction is also more real, in general, show the effect is very excellent.

Earpiece design is relatively small, but the view from the actual use of the call effect is still very good, the handset below is the ThL LOGO as distance sensors on the left side, the right side of the front camera, this camera packs with 2 megapixel reached the top level of the smart phone, which is designed specifically for girls who like self-timer feature for taking self potrait picture.

Below the ThL V12 screen has good design also uphold a simple and practical design style, only three virtual buttons, respectively, for the return key, home key and menu key.

The back of the ThL V12 design also reflects the simple atmospheric style, black back cover with a plastic material, after a non-slip handle grip in the hand with a matte texture. In addition to sedate black, the machine comes with a stylish white, green, blue, pink and purple, a total of six colors to choose from.

The back of the ThL V12 has a 5 megapixel camera can shoot 2560 x 1920 pixel HD big picture, the other comes with flash lights, can produce clear picture in a dark environment. On the top of the side body there is universal 3.5 mm headset jack.

While on the bottom of the ThL V12 has universal USB 2.0 interface and charger interface, the right small hole for the microphone.

ThL V12 side design also reflects the minimalist style, only the left side has a volume control button. However, the side of a circle of silver metal stripe design to enhance the texture of the positive, is more beautiful.

The ThL V12 Dual-core version compared to the previous generation models significantly improve performance, and is equipped with a 1GHz MT6577 dual-core processor, with 512MB of RAM and 4GB of ROM, more powerful performance and also built-in PowerVR SGX531 graphics chip, is very perfect for playing games or watching movies, this GPU bring speed and smooth experience.

From the configuration parameter table, we can see that the ThL V12 has the system version or processor performance and screen resolution have reached the current level of the mainstream of the smartphone, plus its good workmanship believe that strong competitiveness in the market and this phone has low prices, then in the end how the performance of this phone, Here we test software to verify.

Through the utilization of AntutuBenchmark test, we measured the score of 5079 points, although this run sub-scores compared a far from the high-end phones, but this Android phone also quite good. And the performance of dual-core phone is perfectly adequate to meet the majority of mainstream applications and games is no problem.

This phone is equpped with Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, offers many functionality and user friendly user interface.

Unlike other handset makers, the ThL V12 uses the native Android 4.0 operating system interface although less of some new ideas, but also to abandon the those flashy things, interface more pure, and the dual-core processor powerful performance support, system running very smooth. It’s very convenient to use, it is quite convenient.

Long press the HOME key more than 1 second, they can enter to the recent application list, the user can select a key clean-up and built-in Task Manager on ThL V12  offers easily uninstall and transfer phone inside the application, but also very convenient to use.

The ThL V12 also has built WCDMA and GSM network and supports for dual card dual standby function, users can slip two SIM cards, undoubtedly has a lot of appeal. Unfortunatelly the ThL V12 uses a 1300mAh lithium battery, thats relatively small but you can use this phone for your daily basis.