LG show off QSlide, the new multitasking tool for LG Optimus G

by Rosgani 0

If the Galaxy Note II has multitasking features  by dividing the screen into multiple windows, the LG Optimus G also has a similar feature. The multitasking feature called QSlide.

Despite having the same function, QSlide have a different way with a feature on the Galaxy Note II. You do not need to run an application with a limited window size. You can still run two applications simultaneously in full screen.

To switch from one application to another is quite easy. Applications in the future will run transparently to show the presence of other applications in the background. To switch applications, the user just to slide on the screen. With this application, Optimus G smartphone owners can still write emails, browse or doing another things when watching videos.

LG Optimus G is a high end Android phone that has super specs. This smartphone comes with a 4.7 inches screen size which powered by quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.