Xiaomi is preparing the Game Center as same as Apple Game Center

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Xiaomi Game Center

China’s Xiaomi Technology is a fairy tale for nerdy entrepreneurs. Less than three years after its founding, the smartphone maker is valued at $4 billion and evokes Apple-like adoration from its fans, some of whom are desperate enough to skip work for a shot at buying the latest product the day it goes on sale.

Founder Lei Jun dresses like the late Steve Jobs, in jeans and a black top. He has created a fervent fan base for Xiaomi’s moderately priced high-end smartphones by mimicking Apple Inc’s marketing tactic of attaching an aura of exclusivity around its products.

And now we heard from the source that Xiaomi is preparing to built Xiaomi Game Center as same as Apple Game Center for iOS products, while Xiaomi is preparing this servcie is only for Xiaomi’s Android based system.

Xiaomi science and technology co-founder has unveiled the sneak peek of the Xiaomi Game Center services, beginning in September of this year, there has been no external hype, Xiaomi Game Center is leveraging the development, the formation of a interactive ecosystem. Starting Android version of “immortals Road” is considered to be the center of the first round of publicity had hardly any news coverage.

Informed from sources said, the center has been Lei Jun investment Wali then set the future direction of development is similar to Game Center, sociability gaming platform will integrate resource development SDK. The Wali developed and introduced a variety of applications for the platform of the security desk, such as Wali SMS charges through traffic instrument.

Xiaomi Game Center functionality looks similar to the general application center or mobile gaming platform, users can use Xiaomi account login, pay and view the installed game, yet on line sociability. The function and role of the Apple Game Centre Friends interactive games on the iOS platform by adding the corresponding SDK, game applications, such as achievement, score ranking, network play etc..

In December of this year, the the class Game Centre features platform OpenFeint announced outage, comments that precisely iOS4.1 release OpenFeint Game Centre Game Center functionality a death sentence. Domestic similar functions Android mobile social gaming platform there music funny game center, papaya pie.

The industry believes that the recent development of the Xiaomi favor of the iOS more closed signs, specially launched Game Center is also a case in point. In Xiaomi Game Center, many games are specially marked Xiaomi Edition functionality SDK, but yet implanted.

Lei Jun revealed that Xiaomi phone has shipped more than 700 million units as of the end of November, the flood front is expected to reach 20 million units by the end of 2013. Hung Feng, MIUI nearly 10 million users.

Insiders said the data should not be underestimated; On the other hand, the Game Center platform, similar attention should be paid to the system launched.