MIUI V4 and MIUI V5 Comparison

by Rosgani 1

Xiaomi MUIUI-01
Xiaomi phone what can have such a powerful appeal, was said to be a low price phone, was said to be a decent configuration, but in fact these advantages used as the capital of the competition completely inadequate to make the phone a year configuration super, but three months out of date, Original price advantage will be polished by time.

So the of Xiaomi phone biggest advantage on the system, this is MIUI meters grapefruit, after the listing of the MIUI systems because of its wealth of personalization, as well as hundreds of Chinese users optimize, and become the core competitiveness of Xiaomi phone, Xiaomi phone not yet been released, MIUI has a very good mass base, and now this transformation from a user interface based on Android system ushered in a major version update – MIUI V5.

What are the advantages of native Android system as compared to most mass base ROM, MIUI? I think everyone should know a little, either address book or camera functionality than the native system to be powerful, but unlike the third-party software as need complex setting, while built-in application style is also very unified interface design more attractive, it is difficult to get started is very low, a ROM, I think a lot of friends may be the first to experience the fun of Brush brush MIUI MIUI V5 once again transformed, yesterday evening just beta, like a year , MIUI V5 with the MIUI V4 in the end there are as many as the difference? Now we start MIUI V4 MIUI V5 comprehensive comparison.
Xiaomi MUIUI-02
Lock screen

The MIUI V4 default the topic lock screen with Android system default is not the same, relative to the native system function to be rich, MIUI V5 retain this advantage, the benefits of doing so is that some of the operations can be completed in the lock screen in MIUI on have a direct shortcut to enter the call and information, it has been well represented on MIUI V5.

Xiaomi MUIUI-03
MIUI V4 and V5 lock screen contrast

MIUI V5 unlock interface compared MIUI V4 not unlock more concise, intermediate lock-icon has become a circle, with brightness changes and shadow, although the graphics are simple, but the actual display than MIUI V4 a lot.

Xiaomi MUIUI-04
MIUI V4 and V5 lock screen contrast

Sliding ring to enter the unlock, the sliding animation fluency in the present situation is not too high, but On the design style, there are still a lot of progress, looks succinct many, and double-click can also enter the music interface, the new charge mode charging animation.

Xiaomi MUIUI-05
MIUI V4 and V5 lock screen contrast

Unlock MIUI V5 interface in terms of functionality MIUI V4 little change, major changes are focused on the design, the undeniable new MIUI V5 interface design than the the MIUI V4 raise many, but practicality does not enhance, MIUI V4 unlock in MIUI not beautiful, I want to use the default MIUI V4 unlock the user does not, and this change is really quite good.

Xiaomi MUIUI-06
The main interface contrast

MIUI V5 compared to the main interface V4 upgrade mainly in aesthetics, I looked under system version number, MIUI V5 still using Android 4.1.1, rather than Android 4.2, so we just see the unlock screen do not have a small plug-in function, the main desktop, MIUI V5 brought more change to enter the unlock first saw the changes, that is, the default theme icons.

Xiaomi MUIUI-07
The MIUI V4 & V5 icons comparison

MIUI V5 icon MIUI V4 compared to a lot of beautiful, four of Permanent icon below higher contrast, has a softer shade change. Icon layering progress, point of view but also from the desktop icon, each icon design more concise, but some icons to express content is not clear, such as the library, browser, just change the default theme to MIUI V5 on, the user can also take some time to adapt.

Xiaomi MUIUI-08
The MIUI V4 & V5 file folder comparison

MIUI V5 replace desktop pop-up animation, from the small window in the form to become a full-screen in the form of transparent layers, so they took into the folder window, compared to a lot of beautiful MIUI V4 translucent black background There blur effect, looks very clean. If just talked about the icon and unlock interface to another topic will be able to achieve, then this new animations and new window regarded as a new feature in MIUI V5.

Xiaomi MUIUI-09
The MIUI V4 & V5 program management comparison

Also has a translucent effect also includes access to the program management interface, you can switch the daemon, or Clear MIUI V4 interface with a translucent black background, but no blur effect, the overall effect MIUI V5 more prominent. So far, MIUI V5 changes mainly in terms of appearance, we have not seen any substantive changes.

Xiaomi MUIUI-10
Settings and options

Enter the setup project, we found that the the MIUI V4 with MIUI V5 even set options position has not changed, but the actual operation will find MIUI V5 horizontal sliding and vertical sliding animation will vary, MIUI V4 is pulled to the top or bottom will use The general effect of the Android system, which is the edge of the highlight cross-border MIUI V5 similar iOS rebound effect, at the same time more horizontal sliding menu, MIUI V5 added a new animation.

Xiaomi MUIUI-11
The MIUI V4 & V5 set the contrast

New drop-down notification bar color changes to black, MIUI V5 few complex variable elements, but joined the border of the drop-down notification bar is very good overall sense, the function does not change.

Desktop editing functions MIUI V5 than V4 smooth lot, but the actual function in use is exactly the same, but the folder within the Applications folder icon from four into a nine friends just brushing may also I thought the application less.

Xiaomi MUIUI-12
MIUI V4 & V5 edit mode contrast

The greatest change in the set is the animation effect, the MIUI V4 the program switch mainly used fly into flying out of the top and bottom of the Android 4.1 native animation MIUI V5 using a similar iOS rotation animation, slide up and down similar to iOS rebound effect, the entire animation is very smooth.

Xiaomi MUIUI-13
SMS and dial-up

MIUI V4 and V5 may be the greatest change dial-up interface, the V4 dial interface with a contact interface is separate from the V5 dial interface with a contact interface integration, the overall sense is even better, but the general third-party communications Successful applications compared to the SMS interface is not yet integrated.

Xiaomi MUIUI-12
The MIUI V4 & V5 dialing interface contrast

Adding horizontal sliding effect tab bar went to the top to be considered design more reasonable user do not use the normal operation to the top of the press, and also directly through the top of the key, use more smoothly.

Xiaomi MUIUI-13
The MIUI V4 & V5 Contacts contrast

SMS interface not change much, still have recently contacted six contacts Click to send text messages, SMS function also has to add more contacts, call and other functions MIUI V5 design diagram told us MIUI SMS function has been re-issued.

MIUI V5 found the greatest change in the interface, integrated dial-up and contacts experience for some is better than a stand-alone case.
Xiaomi MUIUI-14

The major applications, camera and gallery is also very concerned about the common application, in which the camera interface becomes beautiful shortcut functions MIUI V5 MIUI V4. MIUI V5 supports full-screen viewfinder camera experience is certainly a lot better than the V4. MIUI V5 white balance more accurately, and if you’re careful, by the following two screenshots to compare the two generations of automatic white balance MIUI effect, while some redness V4.

Xiaomi MUIUI-15Xiaomi MUIUI-16
The MIUI V4 photographs interface

And gallery interface changes, feeling that the author’s first two Xiaomi phone together MIUI V5 fluency significantly higher than MIUI V4 seems many aspects MIUI V5 progress in the optimization, at the same time gallery editor The interface is also some changes in the new version of the Gallery great effect.

Xiaomi MUIUI-17
For MIUI V4 & V5 gallery of contrast

Changes in the music player is mainly concentrated in the playback mode, supports three page slide, including a list of songs / song + cover / lyrics, MIUI V4 performance for the song list alone set up a button. MIUI V5 play songs in the album cover, there will be a animation, with animation before the pulse completely different.

Xiaomi MUIUI-18
The MIUI V4 & V5 player comparison

We did not see the Great Leap Forward of the application of the two systems, but in terms of detail, MIUI V5 are far better than MIUI V4 a lot of well-made, but the overall style of the application has not changed a pity, certainly more to look forward to MIUI’s built-in application Great Leap Forward updates, and also so that they can be every Friday waited in front of the computer.

MIUI V5, as we have seen, most of the changes from the user interface, and not too many of the new features, so we here MIUI provided most of the functionality of the two versions are compared, such as flashlight radio, compass, browser, are very intuitive application, specific changes see at a glance.
Xiaomi MUIUI-19
The MIUI V4 & V5 Browser comparison

Xiaomi MUIUI-20
The MIUI V4 & V5 radios contrast

Xiaomi MUIUI-21
The MIUI V4 & V5 Compass contrast

MIUI V5 can see part of almost all of the more beautiful, the the MIUI team of artists can be said to be withheld, but with respect to the change of the interface functions and there is not much to upgrade, after all, this is only a test version of MIUI V5 MIUI certainly will gradually improve the functionality of the built-in applications.

The MIUI V4 & V5 contrast summarizes
MIUI V5 release also supports a beta version, the operating system is still Android 4.1.1 rather than Android 4.2, Android 4.2 MIUI seen the Android 4.2 update friends may feel that is not large, in fact, Android 4.2 In addition to the functional aspects of the optimization done very well, the program’s performance has been greatly improved.

Xiaomi MUIUI-22
The MIUI V4 & V5 flashlight contrast

MIUI V5 and MIUI V4 uses the same Android system version, but in the vast majority of the program’s performance is better than the V4, MIUI V5 speed is significantly faster than the V4 Take the start time for the program.

Xiaomi MUIUI-23
MIUI V4 & V5 File Manager contrast

I found in the introduction process, the most improved from the interface and animation, on the one hand, MIUI V5 is still just a public beta, gradually rich functionality in a future update On the other hand, the current MIUI indeed function enough to use.

Xiaomi MUIUI-24
The MIUI V4 & V5 system version contrast

Currently in the process of using the test version, I have not found what unstable, even if it is only the official default theme updates, this MIUI V5 you should upgrade, after all, the official this upgrade very thorough, almost all visibility to the interface has a very good performance. The previous MIUI has been the function of the extent of user recognition, and this can win a lot of users in the design, we have to say is MIUI now has been very competitive and interesting for user.