The UltraPixel camera technology will packs on HTC low-end smartphone

by Rosgani 0

HTC Ultrapixel

HTC has been launching the new HTC One smartphone which packs the camera with UltraPixel technology that is masterpiece HTC feature on HTC One smartphone.

The UltraPixel feature is also said to be capable of producing high quality images that will not be inferior to other smartphones.

Well, the latest news says that the UltraPixel technology  is likely to be embed by HTC low end phones. This was expressed directly by the head of HTC UK, Phil Robertson.

Obviously, the embedding feature on other HTC mobile phone will become the competitiveness of attraction for consumers, especially those looking for a smartphone with a high quality photographic capability.

However, Robertson says, the feature will not the same as  HTC One. The reason is none other than the presence of Snapdragon processor 600. So UltraPixel features to be presented by HTC at the low end of his handphone would not be as powerful on HTC One.