Xiaomi 2A to 1S youth version price will be available on April 9th

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The rumor about Xiaomi 2A smartphone has been exposure since they attract all user, many people are concerned about this new machine and they asking about the lauching date.
Although Xiaomi did not give official statement about this, but with the Xiaomi 2A run sub-scores exposure, through the senior Xiaomi microblogging site on April 9 for MIUI V5 official version will be officially released, and many people have speculated that the Xiaomi 2A smartphone maybe launch together.
Xiaomi-005 Xiaomi-006
Released on April 9th
Xiaomi Technology co-founder and vice president of Liwan Jiang also posted on the microblogging site, MIUI V5 official version will be held on April 9 The new MIUI v5 will be officially released, and subsequently also confirmed that Lei Jun, chairman of the Xiaomi technology. But the real concern is that, this release also specifically selected to the National Convention Center as the release location, so widely speculated that should be there are also new smartphone models will come.

After Xiaomi official did not disclose any information on the new machine message, but because of the “Xiaomi 2,013,121 and Xiaomi 2,013,012” two new machines had been given a network license, so in the eyes of many people, thats possible in the the “Xiaomi section on at least introduced a new machine, especially rumors of the Xiaomi 2A smartphone is likely to become the protagonist equipped with MIUI V5 version.

Runs scored Exposure
The view from the currently available information, the Xiaomi 2A smartphone (the “Xiaomi 2,013,121”) not only has to get a network license, and a variety of test is also intense ongoing. Example, before they run sub-scores library of safety AnTuT Benchmar will be found to run sub-scores of the MI 2A device, if nothing unexpected, Xiaomi is ready to launch the Xiaomi 2A smartphone.

As for the run sub-scores the MI-2A AnTuTu Benchmark test got total score of 18,351 points, this is better than Google Nexus 4 which using Qualcomm APQ8064 quad-core processor. In addition, Xiaomi MI 2A run sub-scores also show the smartphone is running Android 4.1.1 system and 1.7GHz processor.

Based on previous rumors, Xiaomi 2A may be equipped with Snapdragon 400 processor, coincides with the processor which running at 1.7GHz clock speed

4.5 inch touch screen display
The rumor of Xiaomi 2A smartphone is also described as a similar with the Xiaomi phone Youth version of the downgrade version. The main configuration is packs with 4.46 inches of 720p resolution IPS touch screen, loading with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of storage space, built-in 8 megapixel camera. The information is based on the Ministry of Equipment Certification Center

In addition, also rumors this Xiaomi 2A smartphone will be used to the low-temperature polysilicon (LTPS) screen technology, and the border of the screen thickness will be only about 1mm.

According to the sources, the new Xiaomi 2A smartphone will be launched in the spring of this year, the low version and high version, and will be launched in the autumn, and also telecom version will launch, but the launching time will be a little late.

It is reported that the price of Xiaomi 2A phone may be in between 1299-1499 yuan price tag or around $208 USD – $240 USD price.