Review of Samsung Galaxy S 4 smartphone

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Samsung finnaly released their new flagship smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy S 4 (fomerly write as Galaxy S IV), and this phone is offers more nice feature than predecessor, we got a review taken from IT168 website.

Samsung Galaxy S 4 is becoming most awaited phone this year, since Samsung has been embed more feature and highest specs for this phone. While previously Samsung has been released their products such as Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note 2 which has been sucessfully in the market. And the new Samsun Galaxy S 4 is the fourth generation flagship smartphone, its ability to extend the smartphone “imperial dreams”.

According to rumors, there will be a variety of standard version of Samsung Galaxy S 4, the IT168 mobile channel exclusive to get ahead of this phone Unicom customized version of the engineering prototype i9502 use dual card formats, followed in the naming and Network standard Samsung Galaxy Note2 rules (the Unicom version N7102, dual card system).

It should be noted that the engineering prototype with the retail version does not have much difference in the appearance and hardware, but the software will continue to upgrade, this test are based on the current project version, does not represent the final retail version information related to the retail version will also be filled in the follow-up.

After many tradeoffs, Xiao Bian decided Samsung Galaxy S4 evaluation as a “design advances in hardware and software upgrades, Samsung Galaxy S4 inherited appearance and continuation of the previous generation S3’s philosophy, but has a great design and materials progress.

On the system including many upgrades, including Samsung has been pushing humane operation. Other hardware due to promote the industry overall big trend, Samsung Galaxy S4 4.99 inches 1080P resolution screen, and brought say about Samsung’s own Exynos 5 Octa eight-core processor (Exynos 5410, 4 +4 A15 core and the A7 core) a whole can be said is a small end of the current smartphone hardware, the hardware level in a short period of time will be the industry’s highest level.

Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy S3 parameter comparison information
Model Samsung Galaxy S4 i9500 Samsung Galaxy S3 i9300
Screen Features 4.99 inches 1920×1080 resolution Super AMOLED HD 4.8 inches Super AMOLED 1280×720 resolution
Network standard WCDMA / GSM
Body size 136.6×69.8x 7.9mm 130g 136.6×70.6×8.6mm 133g
Processor Samsung Exynos 5410 eight-core 1.8Ghz Samsung Exynos 4412 quad-core 1.4Ghz
Graphics chips MP3 @ 533Mhz PowerVR SGX 544 Mali-400 MP4 _AT_ 400Mhz
Fuselage memory Ram: 2Gb Rom: 16/32/64Gb Ram: 1GB ROM: 16/32/64 Gb
Camera Front 2000000/13000000 Rear Front 1900000/8000000 Rear
Features New Smart Pause / eye / smart spin screen scrolling page / gestures S Voice / Direct call / Pop Up Play / Smart stay
Operating system Android 4.2.2 + TouchWiz Android 4.0 + TouchWiz
Battery 2600mAh (interchangeable) 2100mAh (interchangeable)
Body Color White / Blue White / Blue
Listing price Is expected to more than 4500 yuan (licensed) / $725 USD
3600 yuan (licensed) / $ 580 USD

Start from the first generation of 2010 Samsung Galaxy S, each generation Galaxy flagship machines have experienced a design recycling “process, which is also quite obvious in this year’s Galaxy S4.

Designed to enhance the hardware and software upgrades, Samsung Galaxy S4 evaluation


Compared to the previous generation called “Design For Human” natural design, S4 appearance up more calm and conservative, and a change the Samsung S3 rounded corners of the fuselage, and add slightly Founder styling elements. And raised a notch in the manufacturing process and the selected materials, although it is still plastic, but obviously can feel the “premium” feel. Sound compared to S3 released last year, while sadly, we see S4 truth machine also had it issued appreciation.


Designed to strengthen, improved materials, more refined appearance, excellent feel thin body became Galaxy S4 appearance characteristics.

Android phones since last year, the collective into the vicious circle of an “in-phase”, most of the phone is not obvious appearance characteristics, almost stereotyped shape is really visual fatigue. And the overall appearance of the Samsung Galaxy S4 people to look fresh and new, and very delicate, the front of a screen of 4.99 inches, still equipped with Corning Gorilla glass, and for the first time joined the narrow border design, so the whole phone screen accounting for “very shocked (to screen share of the proportion of the front fuselage), even if it is relatively S3 only increased by 0.2 inches.


Samsung Galaxy S4 136.6×69.8×7.9mm body size (we use a vernier caliper measured at the thinnest at 7.7mm), so the entire phone still seems quite large in size. But the good news is that the body thickness of 7.9mm, so very good feeling in his hand, and can obviously feel the feeling of light. Male players and female users, able to adapt before and like Note2 such models, that Samsung Galaxy S4 are much more comfortable in terms of body size or weight the S4 than Note2 more reasonable and thin.


GALAXY S4 will provide a blue and white version, and we get this blue version, the fuselage is dark blue, the back cover is gray. Compared to the previous generations of products the S4 the front fuselage design can be said is a very unique, special dark spots groove design, this design had i9000 Armani Edition (Giorgio Armani) We have seen a similar design . (Armani is defined for this design is the Night sexy, elegant and charming, wild but never kitsch) design continues throughout the front of the fuselage, does make Samsung the S4 looks more “premium”, and significantly improved a notch .



Style at the bottom GALAXY S4 Galaxy series phones continues to retain a physical Home key, Home key design and S3, S4 design more bias Note2 style, shape from oval gradient change is positive oval, the actual feel good, but it seemed to have a higher quality than the key flexibility Note2 to the light.

SGS4-08 SGS4-09

Home key on both sides still touch the menu key and back key, you can not see in the case of not lit, lit, backlit display. Samsung is currently one of the few to continue to use the the entity key design manufacturers more optimistic about this individual, and more efficient use of the screen display area.


The design and materials of the side of the fuselage is a major highlight of this Samsung Galaxy S4. Side is still using plastic border, but they have added a brushed metal coating, metal looks very sense that in fact how to do? We also tested.

Design and materials compared to previous generation products has improved significantly


Unfortunately, the Galaxy S4 indeed use the plastic with a sharp object test, we found very easy to hang out scratches, abrasion resistance is very general. Taking into account last year, S3 is also similar material, we can not help but worry about the future, whether paint chips or cracking.


In addition, from the the fuselage side point of view, the style of the Samsung Galaxy S4 has a very serious similar to the BlackBerry 9900, boredom was the border or arcs are exactly the same, is it Samsung draws on the design style of the Blackberry?


Fuselage button layout is relatively simple, part of Samsung’s style. Volume control button on the left and the right side is the power button, at the top is the 3.5mm headphone interface and noise canceling microphone , In addition, at the top also includes a black dot, the dot is an infrared transmitter, can be connected to a TV or other device remote control using remote viewing mobile content. The bottom of the interface and main microusb Mike, USB interface, good after the test support USBHost function for many users should be should be good.

Samsung Galaxy S4 back the style that is to carry out a re-design is the middle part is the camera, and the flash of the position also moved the camera is below (original S3 of the flash in the left side of the camera), another handset also designed in the back of the left lower angle, compared to before the S3’s design can be said to have made great progress, SAMSUNG logo on the back has also been upgraded, than the S3 and of Note2 more three-dimensional.

SGS4-14 SGS4-15

Camera due to the industry to promote the development of the hardware, the Samsung Galaxy S4 also use 13 million pixels Sony Exmos lens , this lens is the main advantage the stacked structure “(stacked structure) of the image sensor . The biggest benefit is that you can take pictures more specific details of the capture sharper, clearer images, and in low light conditions, and can be discharged. Specific in camera review there will be instructions.


The material point of view, the back cover of the Samsung Galaxy S4 still use plastic, but the good news is in the back cover of this year’s S4 polished many micro-dot lines coincide with each other, and before the front panel of the dark dot looks quite beautiful from a visual point of view, the hand touch does not feel the sense of plastic, Samsung in plastic processing is indeed something to admire, due to the plastic, but do not like the plastic feel. This is relative S3 S4 in the post, the Note2 as well as many other Samsung products cover a promotion.


However drawbacks still there. The entire back cover is very soft, a little harder you can see the curvature, it is inevitable to seem very cheap, while the more serious is the back cover cracking is a serious problem, whether it is from the camera corner or from the top of the interface or bottom of the USB interface, it seems that all from the main interface was divergent patterns gradually cracking, being unable to determine whether the for engineering machine making problems, we will be maintain a high degree of concern.


Samsung has always been advocating freedom and flagship human design, the back cover is a natural detachable design. Open the battery compartment, we can also see the internal layout of the Samsung Galaxy S4 the Galaxy S4 Unicom i9502 provides dual MicroSIM card slot and TF card expansion slot (GSM + GSM / WCDMA). Work from the inside, you can see a very flat, compared to the S3 also has a lot of progress. On the battery, because the the engineering machine does not indicate the battery capacity, and we by electricity can be roughly calculated piece of 2600 mA battery. Battery below the speaker S3 speaker area compared to the previous greater, more sophisticated workmanship.


In addition, in-house, we did not find the Samsung Galaxy S4 wireless charging module, Nokia the Fatboy wireless charger also can not be charged, this doubt will be updated in a later supplement.


Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S4 enhance appearance is very obvious. Front panel of the design is very beautiful, the class metal frame added more extra points, the corner treatment is also very coordinated, and the enhancement of the material and the design carefully become the Samsung Galaxy series the highest level of the past few years, people will be able to feel the first time to use the “premium” and a sense of quality. But personal Quedui Samsung always use plastic veiled criticisms.

A cell phone without seeing the connotation of the intrinsic system design has become the only criteria in the current major manufacturers are in the heart to improve the design level and generally use better materials, Samsung has insisted its unique plastic wind, in order to cut costs or increase production levels this environment, the Samsung Galaxy S4 always only be a flagship product, and can not do the work of art.

Clear and bright end of both Samsung Galaxy S4 screen resolution

The beginning of this article we said that Samsung Galaxy S4 4.99 inches display with a resolution of up to 1920×1080 pixels, Samsung has always been known for the screen industry, that the screen of the S4 What characteristics? We also analyzed.


May wish to review the following. Throughout the development of the Samsung Galaxy S series phone, if that is the development of a mobile phone screen tragic history. From the first generation Galaxy S (i9000), Samsung Super AMOLED screen people love to hate, Why is it people love to hate? Reason lies in its super-bright colors makes it unable to stop Pentile arrangement led to it’s lack of clarity of the screen it makes it “hated”.

Used Samsung also introduced Super AMOLED Plus screen to change the sub-pixel arrangement, but with the increasing screen resolution, Samsung had to use Pentile arrangement. The screen of the Samsung Galaxy S4 material? Sub-pixel arrangement and how? Clarity whether the retinal level? Before then bright color reduction also like it? These are the articles of this part I would like to Introduction.

Screen material in the end or not AMOLED?
IPS (TFT a flagship smartphone screen selection, mainly same SLCD3 pixel arrangement and IPS screen) and AMOLED. Both screen has different variants, but retains many of the characteristics of each. Such as IPS screen is backlit panels in all black picture display will certainly exist in varying degrees of light leakage. Because it is, AMOLED pixel self-luminous in all black picture display has a unique advantage. And AMOLED on in the life of the blue sub-pixel still can not other two Yuanse contend, so most of the AMOLED screen used Pentile or variants Pentile arrangement. We rely on these points to determine Samsung Galaxy S4 in the end what screen material.


Macro lens on the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S4 shooting, and with the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 2 comparison.

Pentile arrangement we found that the Samsung Galaxy S3 with a “red-green-blue, green and red, green and blue standard, while the Galaxy Note 2 using red, green and blue this” red and green sub-pixel share a blue atypical Pentile arrangement. And back to the the Galaxy S4 body, the adoption Pentile arrangement of “green red and green red and green blue and green blue double green sub-pixel.

South Korean media had mentioned to illustrate this arrangement before: “Green PHOLED technology, green phosphorescent diode display pixels (soluble small molecule materials organic light-emitting devices), compared with the previous Super AMOLED This could be saving 25%. “Prior to this, the greatest deficiency is the pixel density of the Pentile screen reach the theoretical value (which is why Samsung Galaxy S3 PPI beyond 300, but still can not become the reason of the retina of the screen).

Galaxy S4 calculated in accordance with sub-pixel arrangement, three pixels in ordinary Pentile arrangement consists of seven sub-pixel RGB ordinary arrangement will contain nine times the pixels, but on the screen of the Galaxy S4, 3 pixel contains 10 times the pixels. By increasing the sub-pixels to make up for the deficiencies of the PPI, which also explains the characteristics of the screen on the Samsung Galaxy S4. From which we can see that Samsung has been working on the screen.


On the other hand, we have the Sony Xperia Z, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy S4 displays all black picture remake, we found that the Samsung Galaxy S4 did not happen in the case of all black and light leakage, based on the above two points, we Samsung Galaxy S4 screen material under the following definition: a nonstandard Pentile arrangement pixels screen self-luminous, and this characteristic and before HD Super AMOLED much like to meet the characteristics of AMOLED.

Color reproduction and color gamut, whether before or like then to the force?

Growing smartphone screen, a cell phone screen a direct impact on consumer phone feeling. Samsung has been well versed in this. Samsung’s Super AMOLED screen is very bright in color, standard color gamut is not sufficient to cover this screen of the Samsung ultra-wide color gamut become the byword of the Super AMOLED. Although some people criticized screen color reproduction is untrue, but the the too bright Super AMOLED characteristics or won the majority of consumers, Xiao Bian personally quite optimistic. And we must be very concerned about, and the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S4 or so bright?

SGS4-24 SGS4-25

We through the Sony Xperia Z, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy S4 three mobile phones compared. In color reproduction, the Samsung Galaxy S4 maintain the Samsung Galaxy S3 screen is still bright on the basis of color restore improved, more content can be displayed in the details screen of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

SGS4-26a SGS4-26b

SGS4-27a SGS4-27b

SGS4-28a SGS4-28b

SGS4-29a SGS4-29b

The above is the real test by more pictures Samsung Galaxy S4 screen by clicking on the picture, we can watch the screen carefully view large map. Leave a few hand microblogging Reds @ style in accordance with the present, I give this screen definition: I’ll give you 10 points, coarse roll! ~

Clarity whether the retinal level, 1080P What are the advantages?

By vernier caliper measurements, we know that the Samsung Galaxy S4 equipped with a 4.99-inch 1920 * 1080 resolution screen, the Theoretically screen pixel density PPI reached 440, more than the level of the retina screen. However, due to the atypical Pentile arrangement, makes us doubt the clarity of this screen. Ears, seeing is believing. Remake of the screen to take a look at how the specific situation:


Close-up of the same icon, we can see that the Samsung Galaxy S4 clarity is significantly better than the Samsung Galaxy S3 Samsung Galaxy Note, but inferior to 5 inch 1080P screen Sony Xperia Z. However, through the author’s eye view, has no pixel grainy. Samsung Galaxy S4 screen has reached the retinal level.

▲ Samsung Galaxy S4 screen shows a close-up details

Close-up detail, we can see that the upgrade to the 1080P screen, compared to the Samsung Galaxy S4 Galaxy S3 to display more content, such as the mother’s chest skin, zebra eyes. Proofs of the above, we will be able to see that.

4 screen glass scratch resistance, the film is necessary?

Samsung Galaxy S3 start using Corning Gorilla glass as the protective layer of the screen. Not surprisingly, then Samsung Galaxy S4 protection glass still is Corning Gorilla generation. Degree of scratch resistance screen close-up look at the Samsung Galaxy S4 is how:

▲ Samsung Galaxy S4 screen scratch resistance test

Close-up of the screen, we can see the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S4 and no visible scratches, and graphic design. The Samsung Galaxy S3 screen after a period of time can be called a small Baikal, and S3 curved flat, enhanced feel while also increasing the difficulty of the film. All in all, the Corning Museum of Glass is not a panacea, and film become all necessary work phone.

Edit Comment: the screen, the Samsung Galaxy S4 5-inch 1080P resolution screen color gamut, color reproduction, the clarity of the screen are the best of the mobile phone screen, and even can be said that the leading phone screen. The lack of side that escape is still not Pentile the clutches of the other curved screen like the Samsung Galaxy S3 as little regret.

Samsung has always been courageously attempts in the Galaxy S4 breakthrough brought the eight-core processor Exynos 5410, your GPU is no longer Mali Series is Samsung’s own, but switch to the PowerVR SGX544 MP3 . This is the current smartphone market’s first mobile eight-core processors become almost everyone in the eyes of the most powerful mobile processor. Samsung Galaxy S4 the Fengyun eight core processor, we are most concerned is this processing appliances performance body performance as well as highly controversial in the end whether the eight-core real.

▲ Samsung Exynos 5410 eight-core processor speeds up to 1.8Ghz

I pass the test conclusions: Samsung Galaxy S4 equipped with the the Exynos 5410 eight-core processor, 28nm-made, belongs to the the Exynos the Octa eight-core processor family of a by four A15-based processor and four A7 architecture The combination of processor A15 processor architecture to handle heavy workloads, the A7 processor architecture to cope with some of the day-to-day applications, four kernel switch work actually worked.

Run sub-level of data can not explain how hardware performance, but allows the player to a certain extent some comparison, so I for mainstream software to run sub the (An Bunny / quadrant / Vellamo / multi-touch test / NenaMark1) measured. Take a look at the results.

SGS4-34 SGS4-35

As to why this architecture, ARM the given big.LITTLE solve a package containing two quad-core processor, 1.8GHz A15 processor architecture and A7 architecture processor 1.2GHz. This design can effectively reduce power consumption, the same time, the the four A15 processor architecture depth optimize the phone has not yet, to compensate for the power consumption and compatibility issues, so with four A7 architecture processor. The official introduction A7 part consumes only 17% of the A15 part. In other words, the worst conditions, the A15 power consumption will A7 six times (in the author experience engineering process, often crash phenomenon occurs, perhaps because of the above problems)


Say one, what is the select NVIDIA’s 4 +1 or big.LITTLE 4 +4, I believe that the 4 +4 architecture rapid development in the future, because the A15 and A7 uses the same instruction set and architecture, before research and development on the A7 experiences and achievements of the future can be better docking A15.

▲ Exynos 5 Octa core switching mechanism

Samsung announced internal architecture point of view, the main difference in the L2 cache has 32KB level instruction cache, A15-based processor with 2MB L2 cache the A7 architecture processor with 512KB L2 cache.

▲ Architecture Specifications

For the Samsung Galaxy S4 The use PowerVR SGX544 GPU in the end is what version has also been conclusive, and before foreign website Anandtech guess, adopted the PowerVR SGX 544MP3, run clocked at 533MHz.

▲ PowerVR GPU kernel contrast

PowerVR SGX544 PowerVR SGX 543 largely and apple A5/A5X similar but increase a Directx10 support, and have twice the throughput capacity of triangular set, taking into account the very radical GPU frequency setting, Exynos 5 Octa peak graphics performance may pick between in A5X and A6X between.

The ▲ NenaMark1 test scores

The above figures are for engineering machine, in principle, for reference only. Exynos 5410 eight-core processor, a detailed introduction and summary above. An Bunny and quadrant scores are not very eye-catching run sub results, not as the latest HTC ONE Quadrant run points (12,417). In addition, look at the experience of the real machine crashes and instability are present, the view of the incomplete nature of the engineering prototype, we expect more improvement of the official version.

Early review system: the details of the upgrade, the system is perfect, recycling humane operation, and integration of in Note2 large screen style of the details of the operation.

Phone appearance insignificant, system hardware core differences narrow circumstances, the operating system has become the most competitive ace, Samsung’s custom Android system from S3 began last year, it opens up a whole new situation, the Samsung flagship “personalized” and “humane” combined to Samsung to customize the system, and after a year of development has become Samsung’s “killer”.

Details of the upgrade, the system is perfect, recycling humane operation

Samsung Galaxy S4 also uses its own style, based on the latest Android 4.2.1 custom continues TouchWiz interface and TouchWinz “flourish” also “combined”, and thanks to the support of the eight-core 1.8Ghz processor The system is very good fluency.

Recounts it more beautiful and innovative way to unlock.

Details of the upgrade, the system is perfect, recycling humane operation

Last year, the water ripples on the Samsung Galaxy S3 unlock by praise, this year’s S4 unexpectedly canceled the water ripples unlock design, but use the unlock method similar to the “Halo” finger on the screen on sliding, the screen will produce an excessive Halo unlock special effects look very gorgeous.

But, unfortunately, seems to be the software optimization is not yet in place, the entire unlocking process is very slow, people slightly half a beat slower button wake also slow, it appears that optimize and require continued efforts, specifically You can see the above video. In addition, as based on the Android 4.2.1 custom unlock interface can switch to the camera application, this point earlier in the the Nexus 4 native system has applications.

Details of the upgrade, the system is perfect, recycling humane operation

Into the system, it is still strong TouchWiz style, 7 screen desktop 3D transition effects, as well as gorgeous desktop plug-ins, in general, have maintained Samsung Nongyan style. But many plug on more new projects, for example, integrated localization services the Cento Store and Samsung family datebook.

Details of the upgrade, the system is perfect, recycling humane operation

Built-in program differences, then a certain extent can be said to be the most intuitive mobile phone manufacturers differentiation factors, Unicom version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 In addition to the built-in some Unicom (not delete), this year also built a lot of user-friendly software , such as Samsung’s own Story Album Cento Store TripAdvisor wireless, Group Play, intelligent remote control. Other aspects are also consistent before Galaxy S3, is a simple custom Android 4.2.1 style.

Details of the upgrade, the system is perfect, recycling humane operation

In addition, based Adnorid 4.2.1 custom, there will be a lot of 4.2.1 features on the system elements, such as a single drop-down menu bar pops up, two-finger pull-down pop-up shortcut. (By right switch)

Details of the upgrade, the system is perfect, recycling humane operation

In addition, we also found that some of the special design of the Galaxy S4, but dumbfounding dial function, for example, click on the digital water ripple effects will occur and small that seem design excessive “water ripple effects distract the other hand, it is easy to insinuate to the left and right figures, prone to misuse.

“Combined” Note2 more similar to the system details.

We said before many Note2 design style, Samsung Galaxy S4 hardware and software is also nothing special. Many system details on the reference Note2 design, for example, long press the return key to pop up the sidebar and Note2 album layout and Note2 consistent, and can even be said that the system the Galaxy S4 already is a evolutionary Note2 Mini.

Details of the upgrade, the system is perfect, recycling humane operation

Details of the upgrade, the system is perfect, recycling humane operation

A vendor’s software strength, what can be described as a glance in the system settings interface. Set the interface many options embody often connotation part performance of the phone. Samsung Galaxy S4 hit many humane settings are also included. First, the color, S4 finally longer native Android’s a black, but changed to a white background, another the S4 would set menu is divided into four areas, each item has an associated content. But here also there is a drawback, the contents of each item jumbled different hard for you to find what you want quickly setting items.

Details of the upgrade, the system is perfect, recycling humane operation

Details of the upgrade, the system is perfect, recycling humane operation

In addition, as the Samsung Galaxy S4 S3’s based on a lot of user-friendly features, such as Smart scroll (eye rolling next page), Smart of stay (intelligent identification), the Smart Pause (Smart Pause) and Smart rotation (intelligent rotary screen) ( my device – display – smart screen to find), and this we will text humane operation focus mentioned, as well as a simple demonstration.


Remember Samsung Galaxy S3 released last year brought us Direct call Direct dial Pop Up Play Picture-in-Picture and Smart stay eye recognition technology? A year in the past, do not know how many Samsung Galaxy S3 user in the use of all of the above or a few functions. In fact, these innovations can not completely let us get rid of years of habits, but manufacturers want Rigid-Flex enhance the the route user experience not wrong, just need time to function and experience more. For example, before relative to the S Voice useless eye recognition and picture-in-picture seems to be more real. The Samsung Galaxy S4 functions are still another major highlight aspects of human-computer interaction, Samsung to bring our Smart Scroll eyeballs rolling flip, Smart Pause smart pause and Smart rotation smart screen rotation.

▲ remember last year’s Samsung Galaxy S3 built-in all actions and palm action?

Smart Scroll eyeballs rolling flip

Smart “scroll eyeballs rolling flip Smart stay based eye recognition technology features an upgraded innovation. Basis through the eye recognition technology automatically maintain the brightness of the screen can scroll up and down web browser and view messages, users can speed setting screen option in the settings.

Human-Computer Interaction Human-Computer Interaction
▲ Smart Scroll eyeball scroll page

The Smart Pause smart pause / Smart rotation intelligent rotating screen

Smart pause by name, you probably know what function, if the user is in the process will be watching the video head pendulum in the other direction, the device will automatically pause the video playback. However, after the author and multiplayer test smart pause effect is very unstable, only occasionally pause playback, may be related to the final version of the software and engineering machine. Smart rotation intelligent rotary screen, Android system smart rotating screen function early there are third-party software to do, so this feature is not unusual, so I do not do too much description.

The Smart Pause smart pause experience video:

The AirView floating windows Preview

Samsung Galaxy S4 has a similar the NOTE2 on the floating window preview function, but does not support S Pen, seems to be a function of a simplified version. The so-called floating windows Preview For most simple example, SMS interface, without having to open the whole message, finger on the SMS on, leave the screen some distance, will be able to preview SMS content. Floating window preview only support information preview, progress preview, zoom speed dial contacts, and web pages.

Human-Computer Interaction Human-Computer Interaction
▲ AirView floating windows Preview

AirView floating window preview experience video:

Generally speaking, the Samsung Galaxy S4 in the system still continues last year’s hit “humane” characteristics, indeed can be seen on many projects Samsung next thought, doing a lot of efforts in order to build a business trip alienation. However, the function of these humane individuals but all will find it difficult to get the user from the bottom of the actual recognition.

Instability and uncontrollability limited first humanized operation, often open and use it is not like a simple call or press the keys so simple, and your face action as well as their environment has large, it looks more like a plus point of the system, rather than the core point. After all, if you can use both hands instantly realize the function, no need to great pains to go in order to achieve the so-called humane away detours. Of course, some functions can still worthy, such as smart turn the screen, smart pause.

Everything is good, but it takes time to develop, change process is not the moment.


Samsung Galaxy S4 system content and interactive general understanding, we look at the Samsung Galaxy S4 experience in real-life applications, this includes web browsing experience, music player and video test several content can be roughly learned that the Samsung Galaxy S4 level of hardware and software optimization capabilities.

Web browsing and multimedia applications to meet the daily needs

First, from the interface point of view, the Samsung Galaxy S4 browser looks very useful Google Chrome browser style, but also provides additional features common browsers, such as anonymous browsing, offline reading, download print. Below we show via video.

Actually look really quite excellent network performance, thanks to the strong support of the eight-core Android 4.2.1 browser optimization, Galaxy S4 in the Web browser on the performance of very smooth, very good rendering read web content quickly, did not feel Caton phenomenon in the scaling process. Another feature is also added gesture operation S4 become very rich scientific and technological flavor.

Samsung the Galaxy S4 evaluation of multimedia articles

Then take a look at the Samsung Galaxy S4 multimedia performance. Also become a become a test of a mobile phone software and hardware performance. Samsung Galaxy SIII carrying the eight-core CPU Orion Exynos 5410 , multimedia performance is still the color.

Web browsing and multimedia applications to meet the daily needs

Audio, in addition to support for traditional audio file (such as MP3, WMA, M4A, AAC, etc.) also increased flac lossless music playback support, but it does not support lossless APE format, which is currently the majority of smart phones characteristics. Music player interface, did not make much changes to facilitate the user’s operating habits, As for the sound quality is fairly good performance, in line with Samsung’s level, but on playback, Samsung added the SoundAlive set to help Enhanced sound effects, but the overall effect is both external speakers or headphones personally think that compared to the S3 have a lot of enhancements.

Video playback is a feature of everyday life, and that the Galaxy S4 actual performance how? Order to ensure fairness, we use the video player that comes with the player test. Test formats including MP4 , MOV, MKV, AVI, RMVB.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Video playback situation. Samsung Galaxy S3 video playback situation.
720P WMV format Perfect player comes with the player Own player Caton serious
576P MKV format Comes browsers play perfectly Its own players play perfectly Caton
1080P   MP4 format Its own players play perfectly Caton Its own players play perfectly Caton
720P MOV format Comes with the player can not play Comes with the player can not play
720P MKV format Its own players play perfectly Caton Own player Caton serious
720P RMVB format Perfect player comes with the player Comes with the player can not play
720P AVI format Perfect player comes with the player Comes with the player can not play

If the eight-core advantage in what? That is undoubtedly the video part. Samsung Galaxy S4 can be said in the video playback is very good, basically spike full-format 1080P MP4, AVI, MOV and no more daily multi-format RMVB, FLV, MKV perfect support basically everyday life has absolutely not a problem. Does it mean that the eight-core processor has been flawless? Actually the 720P MKV and 1080P RMVB there will still be some delays and Caton, but taking into account the actual use has been perfectly adequate, this phone enthusiasts reference purposes only.


13 million pixels is mainstream tone of this year’s flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is also natural to use 13 million pixels the Sony Exmos lens, this lens has been applied before in many mobile phones, such as OPPO Find5, Sony Xperia Z (L36h), etc.. Its main advantage is that it “stack structure” (stacked structure) of the image sensor . Straightforward point that the biggest benefit is that you can capture clearer details and specific sharper, clearer images, and in low light conditions, and can be discharged.

13 million pixels outstanding performance, but the white balance needs to be strengthened

Although there are 13 million pixels, but apparently Samsung is willing to mind spending the camera software and user experience, and this part does make S4 appears to be a different kind of different, providing a multi-camera mode, including the self-timer beauty, night shooting sports mode, panorama shooting mobile mode, the camera scene is very rich, and transferred out of the way is very innovative and beautiful. Addition can be open at the same time around the camera become the biggest bright spot of the Samsung Galaxy S4, which is in the current smart phone is the first to appear.

13 million pixels outstanding performance, but the white balance needs to be strengthened

In addition to the improvements in camera function, the phone’s shooting menu interface is also very rich, supports white balance, sensitivity, image stabilization, and so on more than one option, Let Samsung GALAXY S4 simple camera, and the iPhone 5 and Sony the Xperia Z proofs contrast, later we will have a special camera making a comparison. (Photo proofs click can to enlarge)

Samsung Samsung i9502 proofs.

Samsung Samsung i9502 proofs.

Samsung Samsung i9502 proofs.

Samsung Samsung i9502 proofs.

Samsung Samsung i9502 proofs.

Have to admit that the Samsung GALAXY S4 imaging effect is indeed very good, 13 million pixels Samsung optimization more outstanding performance, coupled with the the the S4 used Amoled screen material, actually a very good visual effects.

13 million pixels outstanding performance, but the white balance needs to be strengthened

13 million pixels outstanding performance, but the white balance needs to be strengthened

As can be seen in a simple comparison and iPhone5 and Sony Xperia Z, S4 With 13 million pixels in the detail has to be to win the 8,000,000 pixels iPhone5, but color is still typically too bright too brilliant. This color also shows white balance performance somewhat stable, iPhone5 is 800 million pixels, but the color reproduction is still the most authentic and accurate, S4 in some scenes, some partial white, which seems to Samsung consistent ills.

13 million pixels outstanding performance, but the white balance needs to be strengthened

Good performance for low-light and night scene imaging also allows us to the Galaxy S4 has another level view. In low-light conditions, Galaxy S4 performance scores some beyond my expectations, the imaging screen is very bright, although inevitably lost most of the details, however, such results compared to the S3 has been greatly improved, of course, restore true color on the iPhone is more dominant.

Summary: Samsung Galaxy S4 in the camera, speaking compared to other mobile phones, can be said to have a certain advantage, a draw between daytime imaging and several major flagship machine, slightly prominent on the night taking pictures, in both imaging details or imaging quality both worthy of recognition. However, in terms of the quality of the leaflets proofs, white balance or still needs to be strengthened, compared to 8,000,000 pixels iPhone5 in color restore authenticity point of view, or to continue to optimize the software.


Samsung Galaxy products in the past few years out of the state of a Kaizhi loose leaf “, as the flagship model of Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S products has gone through four years, and gradually pushed the peak of Samsung. Today, the only commercially available propped Android and iPhone5 contend and one day vendors’m afraid only non-Samsung is none other than, in the Galaxy S4, we see strong enough hardware configuration, the flagship humane novel system and fusion More like Note2 operating characteristics of such a large screen, I believe in the smartphone market this year will still accomplish a great deal.

But strong hardware adapter insufficient S4 needs to Time Optimization

Phone hardware development has already become a a “Promise vicious circle”, manufacturers continue to increase hardware capacity to build a better competitiveness, consumers want to get smoother phone experience through hardware. But the truth is not difficult to understand that the phone hardware and the experience is not a completely positive proportion. Although Samsung has been in favor of the center of gravity on the software, but the eight-core hardware but also exposed the many problems affecting experience, and perhaps this is just on the engineering machine, but also compelled people to attention. We do not want to the new Galaxy S4 as a hardware test the water, more hope Samsung can continue to improve the Galaxy S4 software to better fit this eight-core processor. (Keeping: Samsung S4 there will be two versions of the sale of most of the countries Exynos 5410 processor version, a small number of countries, particularly the network will use Qualcomm processors, such as the United States)

But strong hardware adapter insufficient S4 needs to Time Optimization

Samsung official said that the Galaxy S will be listed at the end of April, although did not disclose the price of the product, but should maintain a consistent height and the previous generation product, prices are expected to be not less than 4000 yuan. Operators customized variants price will be higher (for example, China Unicom dual card, telecom card) as the Samsung flagship flagship Samsung Galaxy S4 faced in the second half of the year will be the flagship model of the next-generation iPhone, as well as many other manufacturers Can also chasing? Although we believe the Galaxy S4 will again create a sales miracle, but we also suggested that it might be more of a wait-and-see, and wait for the Samsung perfect optimization. IT168 mobile channel will bring more relevant information for the first time, so stay tuned.